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WTF is Opera?

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I'm getting more notifications from Firefox about going to 4.0.1.  Since I've gone to 4 twice and ripped it off, I'm nervous about trying it again.  Especially galling was the fact that my fonts looked horrid on it for some reason and I couldn't figure out how to fix that.  Anyone have any experience yet?

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I expect the fix to be applied any time now. The new version of CKeditor was running over in the "Partner's Huddle" as an experiment, and it is much more stable. At least I could keep a cursor visible and do editing functions like quotes, image placement, etc.  I asked if this was being pushed soon. 


I'm using FF4.0.1 now and it is working reasonably well.  I think you can make the jump, and things should be 100% in a day or so.

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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post


This is what is important...Firefox is more important in total use, than nearly all the other browsers combined, and it is Chrome that is seeing amazing growth.


2011 Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome Safari Opera
March 25.8 % 42.2% 25.0% 4.0% 2.5%
February 26.5 % 42.4% 24.1% 4.1% 2.5%
January 26.6 % 42.8% 23.8% 4.0% 2.5%


If you follow these stats you have to hitch your wagon to Firefox and Chrome.

You should be careful about how you interpret these numbers.  They are based on the browsers of the visitors to w3schools.com and are not representative of the web as a whole.  In particular, w3schools caters to a specific segment of the audience that is more likely to use alternative browsers - it's a geek site and few people are going to visit it unless they are actively developing websites (writing code, etc.)  Coders have different tastes in browsers than the average Joe.


There's a reason why Firefox is popular among web developers but average users don't have a need for these features.  The average person just uses the browser that's already installed on the OS, which is Safari or IE and never bothers to change it.


More realistic numbers (based on samples of overall web traffic, not just visitors to one site) show IE with a declining percentage of about 55% with Firefox holding steady at ~22% and Chrome  at 12% and growing.  Safari's around 7% and flat. Opera and other misc browsers round out the remaining 3%.










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The fix was applied yesterday. Have FF 4.0 users noticed an improvement?

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As I mentioned above the fix is working well for me.  The screen appears to refresh after I start typing a response, and I have to reposition the cursor, but other than that no problem.  I'll see if this delayed screen refresh behavior continues.

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Latest from tech team:

It seems that everyone that has tested the FF4 fix that we put in place has verified that the cursor has returned.  Please feel free to upgrade...  you should be able to install 4 side-by-side with 3.6 for backwards compatibility if you want.

Let us know if you have problems. 

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Seems okay so far, but it was always intermittent for me. 

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And so....what's the story with FF 5.0? 

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It seems they are ahead of the game. FF5.0 has been used successfully. Also, you might want to try the BB editor option in your personal preferences. It is a very straight-forward editor and has no bugs I can find.
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FF5 here so far so good

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Had to roll back because FF5 won't play nice with my browser protection programs..  Don't want any of those nonono2.gifbogus antivirus/antispyware browser hijacks

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What programs are those?  Between Windows Defender, Advanced Systemcare, and Norton Internet Security, I'm "covered" and not having any issues with FF5.

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I tried FF4 a few weeks after it was released and it spent more time "Not Responding" than it did actually responding.  I just reloaded Ver 3.6 and have had no problems since.  I think it was released way too early and so do a lot of other people based on the what I've read on the FF support forums.

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