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Firefox 4.0 and Editor Bugs

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I recently updated to Firefox 4.0 and am again experiencing a problem with the cursor disappearing in the editor window, and being unable to locate the cursor at the beginning or end of a line of text, or quote, without going to Source mode to edit.  Also, I cannot add returns <br> when this bug is present in the edit mode.  Has anyone else been experinecing this, or is my case isolated?




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Had it happen to me a couple times today too, in fact it happened when trying to type this response.  I'm also using FF4.  If I hit the CLEAR button to wipe out what's in the Reply window, things work normally again after that.

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Interesting.  I just hit the Clear button before typing in the quick reply and it worked for me too.

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Well, the problem never went away for me in FF 3.6.15, it just comes and goes.  I hit Source twice and the problem goes away.  I don't have to STAY in Source, just click in and out again.

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Same problem here with FF 4 and intermitently in the past with earleir versions.

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Firefox 4 seems whacked.  Thanks for that hint on hitting the source button a couple of times.  I just found the clear button, and will try it next time the cursor acts up.

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I just rolled back to FF 3.6 after trying 4.0 for about 10 minutes.  4.0 isn't compatible with my AV, spyware, and safe search link inspector so I'm outtathere until it is.  Last time FF wouldn't play my AV plug in my system got hosed by a bad link. 

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Firefox 4.0 and IE 9.0 are new releases and are not fully supported yet.  The issues are being worked on, but in the meanwhile we have the work-around of switching source mode on and off, or clicking on clear to regain functionality of the editor.  Alternatively, roll back to the older version for a few weeks until this is resolved.  Such is the life of an early adopter.

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After about three days of FF 4.0, I've rolled back.  All kinds of stuff missing or not working right. 

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I had the problem with FF 3.6 once in awhile and if I did something like change the text size etc etc I was able to post and quote.


I also switched to FF 4.0 and find it impossible sometimes to quote and get my cursor below the quote to write something....and sometimes can't get the cursor to work at all outside the quote box itself.

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Thanks for the clear button hint.  I just 'upgraded' to FF4.0 and found the same problem.  Like the others I've had that problem from time to time in other versions of FireFox.




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I just found out that I can't start a thread properly using FireFox 4.0 under Windows Vista.  Help!!!!!!!!!!

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I invite you all to try Google Chrome.   I was a holdout with Explorer for a long time, but after continuous browser crashes and Microsoft not knowing wtf was wrong I switched to Chrome and its faster, and much more stable and less of a hog.  I run it in XP.

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Recommend you downgrade to 3.6.16 until this is worked out.  Epicski is not the only site with issues on FF 4.0 and IE 9.0.  I'm sure it will just be a short while before its working again.  I did the downgrade earlier this week and it made my life a lot easier.  I don't know what advantages 4.0 has, but a number of add-ons don't work with it, and the browser menus get messed up.

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Epic always seems slow of FF, so I just open it in Chrome usually-- I have 2 or 3 different browers open at once, one for each email account, so it's not a big deal.  What I do REALLY wish could be changed is letting me access my spell check in either FF or Chrome.  Like when I type afsfadsfs a little red line comes under it, but when I right click instead of giving spelling suggestions it says "Cut, Copy, Paste"  That'd be awesome if it could be fixed.

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Here is something really weird.  If you see a mis-spelled word to correct, hold down the CTRL key and right click on the word.  Spelling options will appear.


Same thing with a lot of other controls like copy paste.  Hold down the CTRL key, and they work.  Also use the CTRL key to open a link in a new tab or window so you don't get redirected.  It takes a while to get used to it, but most of the functionality on this site still works, as long as you know that little secret.

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Awesome, you have just made my life 1000x easier

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Thanks for the advice; this has been driving me bats. I'm downloading the downgrade as I type.
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If it's any help to others, I have been using Safari for over a year now and have not missed FF a bit. Safari seems to be the most compatible browser with the site, judging by the bug reports. 

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Judging from the number of Mac computers I saw at Huddler, that does not come as a surprise.  It is still third or fourth with Google Chrome in overall use behind IE and FF.  In the browser wars, it it Google Chrome that seems to be advancing fastest and taking more market share, while Safari has grown relatively slowly.  



I think in spite of advances by Safari and especially Chrome, you have to embrace Firefox as a widely used and important browser that users are reluctant to give up.  Firefox 4 brings a new feature called app tabs that allow users to pin frequently visited sites - email, Facebook, etc. - to the top left of the browser so they're always available.  That functionality alone should be exploited by a social site like Epicski to keep users in touch during the day. 


As things stand today however, the second most used browser, Firefox 4 us unusable on this site, and you have to ask yourself.  What is more important to those Firefox users; continuing to use their browser choice at sites that support it, or visit Epicski and be forced to downgrade or use an alternative?   These are not even questions that you want to ask if you are looking to survive on the web, you just do it.


Please don't take this as a shot at Huddler.  They are working on the problem and are releasing functional bug-fixes.  But a number of us tried Firefox 4 beta nearly a year ago and there is a thread here that it was unusable on the Huddler forums then.  This should not have come as a surprise, and in I.T. there is a reason for Beta releases well in advance; it is so you are ready when the beta goes final and then its game-over if you're not ready because you are forcing a choice.  I'm sure this will be resolved, but more importantly, I hope it is a lesson learned that is not repeated.

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Have you tried Safari? It has that same feature that avails the frequently visited sites in one keystroke. 


I used to use FF and liked it fine. I have it on my PC along with Safari, but even on that machine I prefer Safari. (My regular machine is an iMac.)


The engineers are working to line everything up with the new FF version as we speak. We can see how many users use which browsers. I'm just a fan of Safari. 

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I have stubbornly refused to download Safari because I don't like Apple pushing content onto my compuster, simply because I have to use iTunes to use their phone.  I refuse to download Bonjour, Safari and other pushed aps for that reason, just like I don't like Microsoft or Hewlett Packard shoving crap at me when I use their products.  My choice isn't even relevant. 


This is what is important...Firefox is more important in total use, than nearly all the other browsers combined, and it is Chrome that is seeing amazing growth.


2011 Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome Safari Opera
March 25.8 % 42.2% 25.0% 4.0% 2.5%
February 26.5 % 42.4% 24.1% 4.1% 2.5%
January 26.6 % 42.8% 23.8% 4.0% 2.5%


If you follow these stats you have to hitch your wagon to Firefox and Chrome.

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From today's Google Analytics for EpicSki. 

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The stability of Firefox 4 is remarkably improved since the site upgrade on 4/12. There are some minor issues requiring the occasional toggling of the source button, but things are getting better.  Use your own judgement whether Firefox 4 is ready for prime-time on Epicski, but it is at least usable now.

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What's a source button? Is it on epic's reply screen or on my computer?

I continued to have problems on the 13th, so I downgraded and will wait until I recover from the trauma. I like my iMac and would hate to have to throw it from the window of my 10th floor apt. My office's windows don't open, so there's little danger there.
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The bugs still exist, so I don't recommend upgrading yet.  I will continue to test the limits of my patience. 


The source button is in the editor menu bar, and allows you to toggle between a source code view of the HTML, and a WYSIWYG view.

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Still not understanding it. What does the button look like?
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Look here:


source button screen shot.jpg

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Upper left hand corner when you hit Reply.

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Today the editor started thinking Opera is a mobile browser and loading the "basic" version instead of WYSIWIG.
I have the latest Opera (11.10), on XP.
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