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Anyone taken the propellor planes into Mammoth Airport (MMH)?

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I just found out that I can use 25K miles on Alaska Air to get from JFK-MMH in mid-April.  It flies through LAX and the LAX-MMH leg is on one of those Dash Bombardier planes.  Anyone taken this flight from LAX?  Is it decent?

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I haven't flown them to MMH, but the Q400's are great planes.  Fast, efficient and there's a fair amount of overhead space for a small plane.

I'd rather fly them than some of the older RJ's. 

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I have not flown from LA to Mammoth, but I did fly the same airplane, an Alaska/Horizon Q400, from Reno to Seattle, and then from Seattle to Kallispel, when I skied Whitefish just over a week ago. The airplanes and the flights were fine. Just be aware that the overhead bins are very small. I brought all my equipment, checked my skis and thought I would carry on my boot bag. It would have never fit under the seat or overhead, so I used their ."Ala Cart" service. They have a cart next to the airplane and you just stick your bag on it, and when you get off the airplane you pick it up right at the side of the airplane. My skis, of course, were delivered to baggage pickup.
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Was just at Mammoth over wkend for the storm/big dumpage...

rode chair 22 with a guy who did the same flight as you are contemplating.

He noted no complaints...

He did note that he flew in on Friday, during the start of the big storm, and had considered the other option, fly United thru SFO - and was glad he decide on Alaska/Horizon thru LAX, cause all Untied Flights from SFO to Mammoth were cancelled on that day and rest of weekend.

The Horizon Flight, I assume, goes up the Owens Valley, the United Flight has to go OVER The Sierra's.


The owens valley is often clear when it's stormin in the mtns - then it's just a question of the conditions at the Mammoth area airport...


smalll planes are small planes... hit the restroom at the airport before boarding...

its pretty much all we can get goin out of and into Santa Barbara, these days.

thankfully a quick flight

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Thanks guys...very helpful.  The flight is indeed short...only one hour and ten minutes.  We are going to go for it.  Now the only thing left is tranferring miles into Alaska Air and hoping it shows up quickly so I can book the trip using the miles.  Would really su-k if by the time the miles hit, the award flight is not available.  Oh the fun of air travel!!!!!

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just be prepared to possibly be stuck there, the flights in and out of MMH in the winter are highly weather dependent, both snow and wind can cancel them quite easily. 


back a couple weeks ago, I was due to take a similar trip, the prop up from LAX to MMH on thursday morning and back on friday night.  Unfortunately I was on work travel and so i'd already booked my return flight to boston for really late friday night/Saturday morning (1:40AM), plenty of time even if MMH-LAX flights were delayed.  Saw the weather reports for a 3-4 ft storm thursday afternoon/evening and all day friday/saturday, and had to make the painful decision to cancel the tickets since I could not really risk the return to LAX being cancelled and missing my return flight to boston.  Felt a little better when all of the flights out of MMH were cancelled completely on friday.  And most of the lifts were on weather hold all day friday (wind/blizzard) so it probably wouldn't have been the greatest day, and I would've missed my return and had to pay for a new one since i didn't book them together, as well miss some an event back home. 


really frustrating though as record setting conditions don't happen every year and things were looking like i'd finally get out to mammoth.  The girl at the hotel didn't help when she asked if i was sure i wanted to cancel my res: "we're getting a huge storm, you sure you don't want to come for the powder days???"  I was practically crying after that ;)


hopefully april is kinder to you.  i've got a credit on alaskan now and if work sends me out to LA again before May i'll probably try the flight again...if it's cancelled again then next time i'll try driving.

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Only complaint I have about Horizon Q400's is they have no window shades.  Hard to catch some Z's during sunrise and sunset, because you can't seem to get away from the sun.  I think the only Q400 in their fleet that has window shades is the Party Paint Scheme one.  It's an old Q400 they got from Mesa Airlines failed Chinese venture.  I'm also told it's the crappiest Q400 in their fleet. (Thanks Mesa!)

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You guys aren't supposed to be sleeping up there anyhow!

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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

You guys aren't supposed to be sleeping up there anyhow!

Lawlz. biggrin.gif  I meant in teh back. redface.gif

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