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11/12 ON3P lineup changes

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Scott posted this over at TGR. I thought a few people over here might be interested.


193cm Cease & Desist - Fairly complete redesign of the shape. Similar in idea, still a pintail, though with an increased effective edge and slightly wider waist. Totally new rocker design, both tip and tail, that planes and floats WAY better but works super well with the increase in the effective edge. Does better going to and from the lift, and better in pow. Very happy.

191cm & 181cm Wren - 191cm gets a slight redesign. Effective edge reamins the same, but we dropped the full twin and added the length to the tip. Tip now has some taper to it. Extra tip length planes and floats better and charges harder. Kip described the current 191cm wren as feeling like a park ski when he got back on it. 181cm get a more elaborate redesign. We wanted it to be as comfortable at speed and in big turns as the 191cm, so we redesigned the shape to reflect the sidecut of the 191cm. I forget what the dimensions are off the top of my head, but it stays 113mm underfoot and loses a bit of tip and tail width. Also gets 1/2 twin and tapered in the tip.

191cm, 181cm, 171cm Caylor - Shape is staying the same for now. We all really love this ski. We redesigned the rocker profile so that it is a bit more gradual and consistent over the length of the rocker, so it planes a bit easier and goes through chop a bit better. Otherwise, remains the same. We are considering some minor changes to the 171cm caylor to make it a bit more manageable for the light riders who consider it, but haven't finalized anything.

176cm & 186cm Vicik - Gets a new tapered tip sort of like the wren, though without the increase in length. A slightly rounder flex overall, but besides that comes back pretty much the same.

171cm, 181cm Jeronimo - Same shape, new rocker profile. Might see a longer length, though not sure if that will happen until next year.

171cm, 181cm Filthy Rich - replacing blue steele. New rocker profile, slightly stiff flex, and an elliptical sidecut that is about 19m underfoot and goes to about 17m on the ends. Basically the harder you carve the more the ski hooks up. Makes it amazing for carving off jumps and way more stable than the current blue steele.

176cm, 186cm, 191cm Billy Goat - 176cm and 186cm come back in the same shape. We really like their tree and soft snow performance. As with everything else, we made improvements to the rocker profile. New additional is the 191cm. I think of it more as a mix between the C&D and wren. Bit wider than the 176/186, longer effective edge (close to 140cm), slightly more tip and tail rocker, and larger radius. Doesn't charge as hard as a wren, but is pretty close. But it is more maneuverable and floats better, though more manageable than the C&D. I am really, really excited about this ski.

Pillow fight - sizing is not final. At least one size, maybe 2. They are big. 135 underfoot. Less than 100cm effective edge. Huge rocker. Lots of taper in the tips and tails. The tip has a different taper profile than the tail and basically gives you a huge platform to float on. Fairly center mount. Softest ski we've every made, but still stiffer than EP pros, toons, etc. Thinner core with full width carbon + bamboo sidewalls to save on weight. Going to be limited edition, 10 pairs per size only. Topsheet is something different than anything we've ever done and we are still working on making it happen, but if it works out correctly each pair will get its own specific topsheet, so each pair will be totally one of a kind. Ski surprised me on hardpack, but obviously comes alive in Powder. Right now we are basically just trying to decide how big to make it.

There is one more ski model being considered. But I just don't know if we will have the volume to add it for next year. Overall, though, been having a ton of fun prototyping these past couple of months.


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Mmmmmmm...  Pillow fight... 

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I saw a proto (at least I assume it is a proto) Pillow Fight on the snow today. Got to flex it a bit. Looks to be a seriously well thought out ski in all dimensions. One of the more interesting attributes was that it looked like it had virtually no tip kick - just a nice flow of the rocker. Tip flex - which is what I checked out -  struck me as very even and balanced. I'd love to take a pair for a spin & see how they really handle...

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