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Morton's Neuroma. and wide boots

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   I have Morton's Neuroma.  I have gone to the Head Vector 120 for room in the toe box (could only find online).  I went to my local ski shop to get the left boos widened a tad and he said the boot was too wide for my foot, and I would soon be buying another pair of boots.  Is this true?  I hope not in that this is my 5 th pair of boots in two years.  Thanks in advance

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your bootfitter is looking at your foot, we are not. has the vector solved your problem?


can a mortons neuroma be caused by compression of the toes? yes it can. is it the only cause? no it is not. that being said, self medicating by buying a wider boot online could solve your problem, however having no knowledge of the size and shape of your foot makes it difficult on this forum to give you a legit answer.


also there is always a pathology that leads to the cause of the neuroma. i think it might be wise to figure that part out instead of just switching footwear.


the other issue is the neuroma could be caused by many different variables, and the actual fix may not be additional forefoot width. it could be related to a few different foot mechanics.


if it was me and i was diagnosed with a mortons neuroma........and if there is a possibility of avoiding the podiatrists scalpel........


1. i would go to see a practicing or certified pedorthist for all of my footwear needs. that means shoes and ski boots. i would have that pedorthist do a thorough assessment to figure out the root cause of the neuroma. specific to ski boots, there are many bootfitters that are pedorthists.


2. i would address rear and under foot support in all my footwear by having footbeds made for all my shoes and boots. especially sports footwear, cycling shoes, running shoes, court shoes, ski boots.



good luck,





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also thank you for the 5 pair of ski boots that you have purchased in the last 2 years.beercheer.gif


your generous donations to ski retailers may be responsible for the improved health of the ski industry. biggrin.gif



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Thanks for the reply.  I bought the Vector 120 at the urging of a boot fitter that did not have nor could find the 120 this late in the year, he did see my foot my foot.  I had considered flying out to the Starthaus for my boots.  If I do need to buy yet a sixth pair of boots what time of year should I come?

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Pedorthist- appropriate orthotic measures for all foot wear(ski boots too).


Thanks again in advance to ur contribution to the Pedorthic indusrty!

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