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Big Sky On Sunday.

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I'm flipping out. I went for a 7 mile run today without any troubles. I'm ready to hike Headwaters and XYZ Chutes. Anyone out there now? I got an email about a powder alert today, I'm more then pumped. Local Ski hill shut down after friday. I almost cried until I remembered I was going to big sky.

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Did you run with a plastic bag over your head to simulate being at 9,000 ft.?  You just missed one of the biggest dumps of the year.  More snow is predicted Friday and next week is suppose to be full of unstable moist air coming from the west so you should get a couple powders days while here.

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AHh that sounds amazing. Last year I hit it up there durring the Frequent Ski event, the second last week of the season and almost every day we got dumped on.

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