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What a great site and I am glad that I found this place. I am fairly new to skiing as I started about 6 years ago when my wife and kids were wanting to do some family ski vacations. Prior to that I was always out fishing for steelhead in the winter when I had some free time. I have progressed in my skiing now that I want to  move up in a ski, I had some Rossi B2 Bandits in a 158 and they seem to limit me in terrain and speed. I live in the Seattle area and Ski Crystal and Whistler most of the time. 10-15 days a year maybe a little more if we make a second longer trip to Whistler, depending on schedules. I am 5'8" 175 althetic (played sports growing up and stil lift weights year round to stay stronger and fit) I like to ski faster, but also enjoy controlling the skis through tight bumps/spots but like to open it up when hitting the crud and groomers, favorite is bigger GS turns down the mountain when possible. especially like racing my son down the hill. he seems to get a kick out of beating me. would say I am an intermediate skier wanting to continue to improve to get to the next level. I can ski most runs no problem on Crystal and am starting to look at the bowls and backcountry as I ride up the lift.   


Have to be honest here, looking/reading about skis get confusing and this site has helped some with that but also made me a little more confused in some areas. I have come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is demo as many skis as I can and see what I like, but this will take a season or so, and the demo fleets seem a little light around my area (seem to be very heavy in longer fat skis for powder as that seems to be all the rage these days). In the meantime, the B2's have to go and I need something else and at close out is the best time to pick something else up to have while I am in the process. At some point, I have concluded that one needs more than one pair of skis, as one ski cannot do it all, or maybe it can but in doing that takes away some of the fun in one aspect depending on conditions. So, I am leaning towards a good ski that can carve well, cruise well in bumps and bust through the crud with stability and handle a foot or two of powder ok. then at some point, when I am ready to ski off piste more get some big mountain skis for those days.


I was able to demo some skis this year and did not like the K2 Aftershock very much, as it seemed a little light to me and not very stable at speed, but it did turn pretty easy in a 167. Told the demo shop i liked to ski fast and they put me on some Volkl Grizzly skis. Liked to go fast, but seemed very stiff to me. Tried the Kendo, seemed nice, but at the same time was not spectacular either, but they only had 177 for me to try. For the time being I picked up some Rossi S86's at a demo sale in 170 and they seemed pretty good the one time I have been up on them but think the 170 might be a little long for me. So, I am looking at picking up something else or atleast getting a list ready for the late season or early season next year of what i want to demo. one of the problems I have is finding Blizzards and Kastles to demo  (So maybe I will pick up demo pair via internet on sale now and see if i like them).


My questions that i would Love some imput from the experts on would be the real difference between a medium ski vs a real stiff ski? If one shortens up the stiff ski, does this help with turning or not? does a 82-86mm ski really make that much difference when hitting the crud or 2 feet of powder on floatation vs say a 78mm ski or is it as much dependent upon other characteristicts of the particular ski vs the underfoot width? Is the Rosi considered a medium or a stiff Ski? It seems alot softer to me vs the B2. Any recommendations on skis I should demo or consider that would help me get to the next level, as I don't want a ski that will limit my ability to keep progressing as a skier but rather will help me progress to the next level. what is the big difference between the Kastle FX vs LX series? Finally, what about bindings, it seems the bindings can make a big difference, but at some of the ski shops that act like bindings are like shoe laces or something, this seems odd to me as it seems like without the right binding choice (or placement), one would not be able to get all the benefit of the ski. Finally, recommendations on the most knowledgeable ski shop in my area? Not just a good selections of stuff, but some places I go into have some pretty young people working. 


Any help would be appreciated, I hope my description was good enough to give an idea of what would like and need out of a ski.




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Blizzard Bona Fide, new for next season.  I've skied its little brother, the Bushwacker, and it was great but only 88mm under foot and the Bona Fide is 98.  I think Blizzard hit a home run with this whole series, even if the graphics are a bit odd.  I'm a bit shorter than you and the Bushwackers I tried were 180s and I had no difficulty with the length, even though I normally ski 161s.  I skied bumps, crud, a bit of powder and some groomers and it was all good.

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