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Custom Footbeds?

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I decided to purchase a new pair of ski boots on a recent trip to Vt.   Prior to my purchase of new boots, I was on a pair of Nordica Speedmachine 12's, which I loved.  I visited several shops and tried on several pairs of boots.  I decided on the Nordica Speed Machine 130 boots which several shops recommended for my foot shape. 


I had been skiing my old boots for approx. 8 years out of the box, without any customization or special fitting.  They were very comfortable and performed very well for me.


I asked the shop about possible getting custom footbeds for my new boots, but they did not recommend them.  They said I should ski the boots for awhile and come back for a custom fitting.  Does this sound correct?  I'm from PA and probable won't be heading up to VT any more this year.   


I skied 2 days in VT with my new boots and they felt pretty comfortable other than the normal discomfort of breaking in new ski boots.  I was thinking of calling a local shop that has a good reputation for boot fitting, but was seeking your advice before I gave them the call.


My question to you guys.  Should I continue to ski the boots out of the box or should I go for a custom footbed/custom fitting?  Will this make a big difference in the performance of the boot?

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custom fitting is problem solving, so unless you have a problem with the boot.....



custom footbeds work for most people, and can be installed at anytime.  Most poeple find that they give more comfortable and more performance.

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biggrin.gif good stuff. If u need me I am near u!! kindah....beercheer.gif

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