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Salomon Z10 failure

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I was out skiing with my brother-in-law in Chamonix yesterday, he on 2007 Scott Missions with Salomon Z10s (black & chrome, standard mount, not rentals). We'd just reached the Brevent-Flegere cable car and took off our skis and one of his brakes fell off. Initially we thought it was just a brake problem, but then we realised that the entire heel-piece metal mounting plate had cracked all the way across, right through the hole that the brakes screw into. Hopefully we'll be able to get a spare plate from Salomon, especially since one shop in Chamonix quoted us an outrageous €289 for a replacement set!

Anyone else seen this with Z10s?

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my 912 ti's failed that way, 3 pairs, every one I owned. They replaced a set with Z10s. They were nothing but trouble and I had to get rid of them. didn't have that failure, but had no confidence in the binding. get rid of it and leave Salomon bindings for good, IMO. everyone has cracked the aluminum heel track, Salomon knows about it, and has done nothing. 

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