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Considerations For Toe Amputee Getting Ski Boots

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Hey all

I'm a brand new skier, kicking myself for waiting so long to try the sport! Without a doubt, we'll be skiing regularly, and I'm planning on getting custom fitted for a pair of boots.

Here's the deal, though: I had to have my right big toe amputated a couple of years ago, down to the first joint. Do I need to try and find any kind of special insole insert or anything, or do y'all think a heat mold/fit insole will work to help fill up the area where my toe is missing?

Essentially, are there any special considerations or things to look for in a boot due to my amputation?

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Hi Maury,


A custom insole will help to stabilize your feet for sure, but the biggie for holding your foot in place is how you tighten the buckles, especially the second from the top---tighten it till it is uncomfortable then back off till it is as tight as you can comfortably stand.  This will eliminate the need for toe fill, although the Halux (big toe) is important in initiating a turn and you will be missing that input.  Be sure to do a shell check as described in the wiki at the beginning of this section.



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Thanks for the reply, Mike!

I'm located in South Texas, and the only ski boot fitting shop around us is in Houston, at the "chain" store Sun & Ski. I will, however, be going to Chicago in May, so I thought I may have a better fitting experience up there at Viking SKi Shop.

It sounds like I need to focus on getting the proper boot fit regardless of my amputation, as a properly fitted boot will make (somewhat) my amputation moot.
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Yes, the boot fit is most important. If you do not have any other deformities it is still good to go with something w/ solid arch support, this will also hold the foot in place to prevent any other friction.


Go to ur local place and check out what is left and how the bootfitter treats u. If any probs down the road u are at least building a relationship!

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Sun & Ski could be the exception however generally most 'Chain' stores would not be a place you would expect to see a true 'custom bootfitter' on staff. Yes you will have a 'Sales' person on staff that sells ski boots and may have a little boot fitting experience but be aware you (may) have to search elsewhere for true expert help.

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We'll be going back to Park City in December, so I may hold off until then and get fitted there.

Anyone have any recommendations for that area?
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