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K2 Kung Fuja vs. Rossi S80 for Tahoe

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Hey all, 


I'm looking up skis for my friend's boyfriend, and through my local ski shop, he can get a great deal on the Rossi S80 or the K2 Kung Fujas.  While I've done my research on the women's end (I ski Volkl Kenjas, and I've demoed the S80W which I liked a lot) I really don't know much about men's skis, and I'd love to get your opinions and recommendations.



He is 5'8"-5'9", ~180 lbs. 

Advanced skier - skis diamonds and double diamonds.  He's from the Bay Area so he skis Tahoe primarily.  He likes to ski moguls.  It sounds like he wants a good all-mountain ski that's very versatile and will handle pretty much anything. 


I'm not sure how versatile the Kung Fujas are, being pretty wide underfoot, though with the way Tahoe's been getting snow lately.... And I'm not sure how the Rossis will handle those powder dumps.  


So thoughts?  


One other possibility is the Rossi Avenger 82.  


Please help him choose between those three.  And no worries - he's going to go see a bootfitter for boots :) 


Thanks guys!  


ETA: Bindings that will come with the skis are the Marker Schizo for the Kung Fujas, and the Rossi Axial 2 120 for the S80s.  

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Kung Fujas Kung Fujas Kung Fujas in a 179.


You are really throwing up two very different skis, and I would NOT put an advanced west-coast skier on an S80. For one, it is fairly narrow for what is considered an all mountain ski these days, for two, I would consider it more of an intermediate ski.


I ski the Kung Fus, and they are simply ridiculous as an all mountain ski. They rail groomers, charge powder, and hang tough in crud. Great, great skis.


My girlfriend skis the womens version of the S80. I've been impressed with its adaptability FOR WHAT IT IS, but as she has progressed, she has taken to skiing an older set of Phat Luvs on anything but the hardest snow at this point in the season.


An advanced skier really should have no problem adapting to more ski underfoot, and I would not be concerned at all about using a 100 waist ski as an everyday ski on the west coast.

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I also ski the K2 in a 179. Great all around boards. Do it.

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Awesome guys - thanks so much!  He went for the Fujas in a 179!  Thank you! 

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