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Women's carving ski

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I am trying to figure out what ski would be good for a lady...5ft7in..120 lbs.....I would like something to get on edge nicely and make nice turns..Blizzard Sport, Viva Sonic Blizzard,Viva IQ 3, Speed Magic Elan, K2 Burnin Love are a few I was looking at....

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Well first off, it would help to know more about you. You don't say how you like to ski, where, or what type of terrain. Also have you gotten properly fitted boots. If not, getting some will make a far bigger difference to your skiing than any skis.

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I am advanced, I have been fitted for boots and foot beds, I ski in the mid-west where it is often ice or what we like to call packed powder ROTF.gif Unfortunately where I ski, I do not have the advantage of skiers at big areas to be able to demo skis. So I pretty much have to go on what I read in the ski reviews and what I hear from other people.




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Would this be a quiver addition or a standalone?  Do you have skis already that you like?  (to help narrow down what ski characteristics you favor).  


Another suggestion - Volkl Fuego. 

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Have you checked here?


For the conditions you describe, I would recommend a skinny, expert ski (not quite race ski), with a length between 150 and 160, depending on radius, which would depend on how fast you like to ski and can given where you ski.


Also get a subscription to




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great...thanks for the input...this pair of skis would be an extra pair...i do like my current skis. i will check out the other sites...


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My wife spent a week on a pair of K2 Burnin Luvs at Vail. Skied them in everything from packed pow to 5" of new. She loved them, especially the light weight. Next week, my cousin Libby came out. So I suggested the BL's and she loved them too. They have good float from wide shovel and relatively narrow waist (72mm I think). Worth trying. Good luck.

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K2 is great, so are the Fischer Koa's.  What ski do you have already?

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If you're looking for something carve specific, being from the midwest, I would suggest the Blizzard Viva 7.6 or 8.1, or Kastle MX78(different price point but amazing ski)

I've skied all of those back to back with a lot of other skis and think they are fairly unmatched for midwest conditions.



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I'll second a recommendation for the Viva 8.1. I've found that both this years (traditional camber) and next year's (a bit of early rise tip) ski very well on the range of "conditions" we get in the east. They've got a decently small turn radius, but enough meat under your foot and in the shovel to handle crud, etc.

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