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Kids racing skis?

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From what age, weight and from what ski length does racing skis make sense? Make sense in the meaning that there is a real difference between the skis, not just a printed name, secondly that it's a difference that actually is helpful to the skier.


I'm referring to skis for small skiers who are racing gates. smile.gif

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Rossi makes a nice combi ski that I like for the little racers (plus it's a nice ease into racing for mom and dad's wallet).  I know people who start their kids skiing at 12-18 months, then put them in a future racer program within 2 years.  Age 8ish is the "cut off" point I'd say, if you start them racing any later they likely won't be able to keep up.

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I'm talking about kids who are already racing. From age 4 up through the ages.

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Sorry, I realize my question can be interpreted as when to start racing. I don't mean that, I mean when to switch to SL and GS racing skis.

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At a young age it does not really matter if it is a racing ski or not. What does matter is that it is a carving ski that is relatively soft while still tornsionally stiff. The cheaper skis are usally too stiff for light children (Skis shorter than 1m).

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Yes, exactly. At what age and weight does it make sense? biggrin.gif

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In our club the earliest start with the real deal at about 6. Another important thing IMO is to always have really sharp edges for the kids, otherwise they don't learn to trust the edges. I see many kids in our club with dull edges and they have a hard time, even the few times they have sharp edges.

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A followup to the original question:  My daughter is a small 9 year old (55 lbs) and will be running gates her second year on Devolopment team.  115 cm is the right fit.


Would the 115 cm Atomic Race 10 Jr be too much ski?  Too stiff?


120 cm is too long.  115's are very hard to find.  And 110s are all "nonrace skis", eg the Atomic "Sweet Stuff".  That's basically what she skied last year, in a 110.  She did OK, but I wonder if that could hold her back as her skills improve.



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Most kids I've seen have made a big jump when they go from a twin or all mountain ski to a race ski.  The Race 10 Jr shouldn't be too stiff and will still have decent hold on the hard snow.  My boys skied on the equivalent (race 6 then) when they started and loved them.  Keep 'em sharp and she'll have a ball.

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If your child is in a formal race program, ask the coach for equipment advice. As for length, GS vs. SL, it depends on where you compete. Different regions/states have equipment rules. Some have a 1 ski rule for certain age groups.

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