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I need a good bootfitter in Breckenridge

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Hello. I am a 49 YO female. I have been on Epic Ski for a while and have posted in the beginner section a few times. I am getting back into skiing after a series of serious injuries; the most recent a tibial plateau fracture at the beginning of this season. Before that, I've had a complete ACL tear resulting in a recon., plus 2 MCL tears and some meniscus damage.


I think getting some help with my boots might help mitigate future injuries, What I have found, is that being on crutches so much, my always present hip and back pain have become much more difficult to bear. My knee surgeon decided to xray my pelvis, and discovered I have bilateral hip dysplasia. This is probably contributing to my trouble skiing. My right leg is now noticably shorter than my left. This is a congfenital/developmental abnormality.


I'm hoping a good boot fitter will be able to measure me and see if we can shim my bindings or something. I have good boots, that I think fit pretty well, but this season I have noticed that I can lift my heals about 1/2 " or so.


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Tracy, if you check the Who's Who for the Bootfitters at Epicski posted at the top of the forum, these are the top-level pros in Colorado.  Note Jeff Bergeron in Brekenridge.  Every one of the members listed here are at the top of this profession and can certainly help you.



Jim Lindsay
Aspen Highlands


Greg Hoffmann
Ski Boot fitting,Inc.
Lionshead Circle and Skier Enhancement Center
Vail, Colorado


Jeff Bergeron
Jeff Bergeron
Boot Fixation
127 S. Main, Breckenridge, CO

screamindoggies (Screamin' Doggies)
David MacMillan C.Ped
Bootdoctors / Telluride
Telluride Mountain Village 81435
970-728-8954 shop
970-729-0262 cell

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Thank you Cirquerider. I just sent Jeff an email asking for an appointment. Wouldn't it be cool if he could straighten me out? Literally!

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He has certainly helped a lot of other members.  Ask him to find a few minutes to say hello at Epicski.  Been a while since he has posted here.


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 I just received a Private Message from another member, jc-ski that he worked with Jeff earlier this year and found email was not an effective means to reach him.  He recommends calling for an appointment.  BTW, very happy with the results.

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Well, no response to email. so you're correct. Probably not the best way to reach him. Left voice messages on his bus. phone and his cell. I have high hopes. Can't wait to hear from him! I'll be sure and tell him to come here and say hello.


Thanks again!

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