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Big dump in Tahoe 3/19-3/20, how well did your skis work?

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La Nina delivered an epic amount of snow to tahoe over the 3/19-3/20 weekend. How did your skis handle the snow? I skied Sugar Bowl in 3ft of fresh in the morning (unreal), but by lunch conditions were getting pretty skied. I was on the K2 Sidestash that I'd demoed, and in the morning, it was tons of fun. The ski plowed through the deep powder. I'm in intermediate skier and this ski felt great. But after lunch most of the good runs were getting skied out and this ski felt heavy and just wanted to pull me down the mountain.  My legs were shot by 1:30. I'm curious how other skis worked in this mix of conditions.. Thanks.


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I took my new S7's out for their maiden voyage on Saturday and they were great in that DEEP heavy snow.  I'm still smiling.  More snow is on the way.  I may have to ditch work this week . . .

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Congrats on the S7s! phenomental day to break them in. did they hold up alright in the afternoon once it got skied out?


agree on the snow this week. it's going to be tough to sit at a desk with so much snow falling in tahoe that's calling my name..

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I was lucky enough to find mostly untracked and lightly tracked Saturday.  I have to report back on the tracked-out performance.


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Saturday: had one of my best ski days on my Sultan 94. As did my wife on her Rossi S86s. The entire resort was covered in fresh snow. Nothing was groomed. The demo shop was picked clean of every ski over 85mm underfoot.


Sunday we got three feet of fresh snow at my house (el 4000'), Took me two hours to dig out the driveway and that was with only a foot of snow.. Lost power. Roads were a mess-turned around after 8 miles-barely made it back home. Spent the rest of the day shoveling snow. Snowed all night. Tree fell over and tore down the power, telephone/internet and cable TV lines to my house (I am at work) Spent two hours this morning shoveling a foot of snow off our driveway. Can't wait to get home and dig out the berm that will be across my driveway.

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Skied Wed, Sat, Sun, and today at Homewood, Alpine, Homewood and Alpine on S7's, Big Dumps, Pontoons, and Big Dumps......


1st time on the 'toons...  were a RIOT on the steep & deep cut-up...  ie the face under the Madden chair...  kinda hurt on flat, bumpy run-outs


the s7's feel a bit wimpy to me....  still fun, but better for me in untracked..... flats seem like ice.....


the big dumps are monsters..... but nice one's.... love the float.....  love 'em on the steep wide open... I get tossed around in bumpy cut-up


gonna hit alpine again tomorrow, hoping that the upper mtn is open.....  plan on startin' on the big dumps....  maybe go to the 'toons IF it gets tracked (hey, it's a Tuesday !!!) 


Homewood on Wed.   'toons or s7's.......


Ski with the kids on Friday..... they take the 'toons  & s7's......   Alpine or homewood depending on the weather.... Big D's or Chiefs or Big Troubles depending  on how deep.....

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Saturday, I skied some DPS Wailer 112's in 190, killer ski. I had a great time playing with them in the trees of Northstar. Today, we started off at A-Meadows then ended up back at Northstar. Skied some areas that we never skied before like White Rabbit and Monument Glades on the 2012 Volkl Shiro a pretty beefy fun ski. Later on in the week a diffeernt story, I will be on either (or both), 2012 Blizzard Bonafides and Salomon BBR's

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Sometimes one needs to make do with what one has.  I have Dynastar Legend 8000s and that's it.  As I've observed, most people at Squaw use something wider as an everyday ski.  I'm seriously considering this possibility.


Sunday was a great day for me.  I really needed to respect the powder lest I get stuck in it.  My allies were steepness and speed.  If I couldn't get those, I followed in someone's track.  After a number of seasons of flailing, I think my technique has probably turned a corner finally as well.  Or, at least my thighs don't burn so much.


Being on 79mm skis, I was definitely "in" and not "on" the loose snow.  In fact, there were moments when I was busting through the stuff with my chest.  This was a great feeling, but not sustainable.  That's why I'm now considering some skis near the 100mm width.  I don't think I want to go really wide and be too much "on" the powder.


My wife has similar skis.  On Sunday, after digging herself out of a hole, she turned to me and said something to the effect of: "I need you to buy me some big fat skis right now!"

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Just got back from 3 full days at Mammoth - very sick snow!


Mammoth reports 63"-100" inches since Friday afternoon.

Sunday and Monday were both very deep days.


won;t go into storm details, but will say upper mtn was closed the entire 3 days due to high wind and avalanche danger.

but they did open Lincoln mtn. and also had Chair 5 open for some periods.

Saturday & Sunday were full-on constant heavy snow, sometimes extremely poor visibility, sometimes just a bit better.


tree skiin was the order of the days, for visibility's sake.

snow was not Colorado 'Light' (not even close to Utah), but certainly the best I've ever experienced in the Sierras; and was certainly not even close to 'cement' thumbs up on conditions

and the Face of Lincoln is as good as anywhere for trees and a few steep chutes. Avy Chutes were awesome sick!


Skied the 185 cm Rossi SickBirds all 3 days, thru lots of tree stashes, the avy chutes and down steeper cut trails.

They were awesome!

smooth and consistent thru all conditions. enough float to allow me to be 'in' above knee to hip deep stuff and mostly on and near surface of any stuff not quite over the knees.

at 128 / 98 / 121, the profile is just perfect for my tastes.

EDIT: These are from the Rossi BC/Touring collection, so full camber, about 1.5 inch camber for the 185s, and are made for uphill duty as well as down..


I know for many this isn't powder dimensions... but is perfect to my tastes.


being 'in the snow' to some extend has the advantage of helping to regulate speed on the steeper pitches.

skis were smooth, even flex and had no issues in arcing higher speed turns on uncut sections, or delivering tight lines in crowded tree sections.


after 2 hrs on 1st day I moved my "Center of Boot" from my 'std' 2cm behind randonnee mark' location to -3cm and found the sweet spot to be perfect for these conditions (use Tyrolia/Head Railflex 2 system)


Top of Lincoln had some sections of windbuff as well as pow deposits, and the birds handled the transitions without falter.

The SickBirds were also awesome in the cut and bumped pitches, with excellent quickness thru the big, soft mogul lines which developed. The bumps were quite tight since most skiers were going slow and cutting deep troughs.

they were stable and carved at GS turns on the flattish groomers, which eventually were groomed and skied down to a 'normal' groomers surface by Monday lunch.


no worries, the Sick Birds ruled whatever the mtn threw at them.


anyone plans on going out there in the coming days - USE POWDER LEASHES!


I saw numerous instances of skiers digging for long periods tryin to find their skis..


I also saw a lot of skiers struggling on obviously narrow and SHORT skis.

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