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Squaw WX forecasts accurate?

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This probably belongs in the Resorts, Conditions & Travel forum, but thought I might get a quicker reply here.


Questioning whether the NWS weather forecasts for Squaw are accurate, particularly with winds.

All season they have been predicting Squaw consistently 10+ MPH windier than Sugar Bowl, can that be right?

For example, tomorrow Squaw is forecast to be "breezy" with winds 20 - 25, gusting to 30.

Meanwhile, tomorrow Sugar Bowl is forecast to have winds of 14 - 16, gusting to 23.

Additionally, tomorrow's Greater Lake Tahoe zone forecast calls for light winds.


So, has Squaw been particularly windy this season, or is the NWS messing with me?

And to put a really fine point on it, should we hit Squaw tomorrow rather than Sugar Bowl??


Thanks,      rickp

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I can't speak of the WX accuracy, but I do know that the wind and weather conditions can vary greatly from resort to resort out there. I learned a few years ago that Northstar was a lot less prone to blow-downs than Squaw and AM, which saved me from blowing a few ski-days over the years...
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Absolutely they can, lynchmobracing.

Thanks for the Northstar tip.     rickp

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One data point:  I was at Squaw yesterday and they had the whole upper mountain closed due to (I assume) avalanche danger.  I skied all day on the lower mountain and had a great time.  The snow was coming down.  Visibility was just sufficient.  Wind was a non-issue, even though predicted.  In fact, the whole "storm" seemed milder than advertised.  This seems to happen at Squaw fairly frequently, that the forecast isn't accurate.  I've definitely been in far more wind, sometimes more than predicted.  The upper mountain can definitely be windy sometimes.

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One other thing I discovered while skiing in February, either in 2010 or 2009. It was pouring rain at Squaw, and all of the resorts near the lake were getting rain, including Mt Rose and Heavenly. I called Kirkwood to ask them if it was raining and they said they hadn't had any rain and were actually getting snow. So I bailed out of the pouring rain north, and went down to Kirkwood and had the time of my life!


Have fun!

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Thanks Xela - interesting data point.       rickp

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