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Problem with Video formats Mac/Pc

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A whife of a fellow ski racer films his every run on video. Ive been fortunate enough to be added to the list of racers she films but I have major problems with looking at the material Im handed on a memory stick on my laptop.


I dont know what camera he is using but its a probably a HD camera that records onto an internal memory of some sort. Flash or hard disc. Then he transfers the videos to his Mac computer. On my portable HP pc the clips Im handed look like they are in Quick Time Movie .mov format when I look at the clips properties but should be opened with WMP. In the details window I can see that the bit rate is 1537kbps and that there are two (stereo) cannels of 48kHz audio sample rate. The size of the file is 35,4 MB. But when I try to open the files in eather Windows Media Player or Quick Time Player I only get the sound.


Last year I had the same problem but I finally got a version copyed straight from his Mac in a DIVX File (.divx) format that would open on my pc and in WMP but not in other programs such as my edit software Sony Vegas.


As you probably understand I dont want to bother the guy too much. Is there an easy way to fix the videos so that I can at least view them. Best if I could open them in Vegas.


Thanks in advance, Tdk

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There is a bit of a learning curve wit the Super (c) video conversion software, but it does an excellent job of converting almost any video to a bitrate and type that will work with Vegas


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