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YOU Ought To Be In Pictures !!

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I'm producing a new DVD called "INTRODUCTION TO RACING".   Should be completed in a couple months.  


I currently have all the video footage and stills I need to make it, except that it would be nice if I had a few more still photos of kids in action in USSA level racing.  Do you have any nice shots of your kinder in the race course?  If you do, and would like to have his/her photo in the DVD, please post it up here.


If I use it, I'll send you a free copy of the DVD when it's completed.  



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Rick you might want to get in touch with Chili (Chummy) who is a member here, and instructor at Alpine Meadows. His whole world is coaching the kids race team...and they rip.

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The photo bin has been filled.  Thanks to everyone who contacted me.  

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