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what's a certain type of ski?

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I am looking into buying a good ski, that does it all. I know it doesn't exist.

The last 9 (!) years I am skiing Salomon X-Screams (I am pleased). At that time it was marketed as an all-mountain ski "avant la lettre". I like to do moguls and light powder. I can do both with ease with these skis.

I posted in another thread my interest in the ELan Magfire 78 (no TI). This ski is marketed as a ski that does it all on all terrain. I got mixed comments.

A friend of mine who is an expert skier pointed me to the Elan SL.

Now, when I compare the dimensions of those skis something struck me...

x-scream: 169cm: 103/66/93  radius 16

elan sl: 165cm: 116/66/104  radius 12,9

elan 78: 160cm: 123/78/105  radius 13,8


edit: I am 174cm, 63kg

altough the elan SL is a slalom ski, 10 years ago it could have been marketed as a powder ski...?

When I mention the elan Sl in the shop, and say I want to use it in the powder (and the moguls), they say I won't work well.

any comments are appreciated.

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Well for bumps and powder there are better options for sure:




Point 1: Good powder skis tend to have limited side cut.  The reason is the more the tails flair out, the more they tend to grab in pow and really bad in crust.  This is managble if you just do short turns in pow, but can get hairy if you pick the speed up and do longer GS style turns in the pow....which is the "soup de jour" these days.


Point 2: When skiing bumps properly we use the ski tips to take much of mogul impact.  The longer the tip, the better it works....to a point of course.  But the point is, you will definatley notice that 9cm you lost from the X-Screams. 


You didnt mention how tall you are, but if you skied a 169, and liked it, I think dropping back to a 160 would be a big mistake.

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I am 174cm, 63kg


when you go off piste in the alps, you won't have much very deep powder. Maximum just as deep as the height of your foot. And that's what I like the most. Off course I want to be able to turn very short...

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