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baldy/sunvalley compared to what trails in the east?

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with sv seemingly getting continuous small snowfalls, I have been thinking of a trip the last week in march. I keep reading how it has steady steep fall lines. how steep is steep? since I do my skiing in the east, are there trails or resorts in the east you can compare the baldy trails to? thanks.

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Limelight's probably 30ish.  It's a nice hill, when they have snow it's a pretty dam good place to be!

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I grew up in the east, but haven't skied there in decades and don't clearly remember how it is back there.  I've been skiing at JHMR for the last 20 years and have been skewed by that experience.  I have skied several times at SV and while it is not Jackson in terms of pitch or off piste terrain, it is a big mountain with some great long cruising runs.  I had a much better time there than I expected to and really enjoyed the long runs with their consistent pitch.  The weather is generally nice there as opposed to JH which can be more varied, but lends itself to a deeper snowpack for the type of off-piste skiing that I like to do.  SV is exceptionally good at snowmaking and grooming and has produced a number of top notch racers.  I may find nailbenders posts dogmatic and one dimensional, but he and CVJ are doing some great things developing young talent in mogul skiing.  Nothing at SV seemed scary steep to me, but it is far from flat and seemed much better than eastern skiing as I remember it.  I did some really nice BC skiing last time I was there and had a lot of fun doing that.  Personally I would opt for Jackson for the last week in March (or any time) over SV, but I am biased.  JHMR is offering some pretty sweet deals during that time and the Gaper Fools party is pretty fun as is the Pole Pedal Paddle race.  You will also have a great time in SV and it is a better skiing choice if you like to cruise groomers or have low intermediates in your group.

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I've never skied the East so I can't compare. But, even though SV's runs are steeper than usual (I laughed so hard the first time I saw a green there. It sure wasn't like the greens I learned on!) the runs are so well groomed and maintained that I wouldn't call them difficult. And actually it isn't that everything is so steep (except the greens, this is no place for beginners), it's just that it's steep and long and you have to make it a point to pull over if you need a break--you're not going to find many flatter spots that give you a natural break. Unless you are a beginner, or a little kid, or if steeper stuff really does freak you out, you'll be fine. If you long cruisers (I do), this is your place. There is plenty of off piste stuff that is more difficult but not super-scary, too. SV is flat out FUN. I love it. Ketchum is hands-down my favorite ski town, too. Eat at the Roundhouse!!


Oh, and if you go before the end of the month Sun Valley Lodge has been running an amazing deal all winter--lift tickets + room for $129/pp/night. The lodge is great and bus service to the slopes is very easy (5 min).

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Been to SV many times, Baldy has pretty nice sustained pitch - not scary steep - just long, sustained. As far as comparing it to EC - I have no clue, but the blue squares @ SV seem comparable to same JH (if that makes any sense). Never have waited in a lift line either.

If you do go - SV Lodge is pretty old school cool and do eat at the Roundhouse. Ketchum is great, hardest decision is how to get there.
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SV has been high end for 75 Years, they do things very well.  Baldy MT was not too steep for starlets in the 30s', skiing with leather boots and maybe edges, so you should be just fine.  This is the Deer Valley of the 30s' 40s' and 50s', it is old school glam at its best in this country. 



Can not speak as to which Eastern mountains it compares to, never found a reason to ski any where East of Michigan,  If you have a problem with steepness consider; a lesson there and learn to finish your turns, it could change your skiing life.  They do have a lower snow pack but nobody does grooming and snowmakeing any better than SV to compensated for natures short commings (now that is Hollywood).



They are not the biggest or steepest or gnarliest; they are Sun Valley.  Think of Disneyland and trying to explain it; you just gotta go there to get it, have fun.


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