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No drunk posts lately

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I remember we had some pretty regular intoxicated posts by members, myself included a few times beercheer.gif.....has everyone given up the devil's nectar?   I cut down a lot....comes and goes in phases I guess....I think I OD'd on Scotch, drank so much for so long that I kinda got sick of it. eek.gif  Still enjoy it on occasion but nothing like I did.


See, too much of a good thing is not good, you ruin it for yourself.hissyfit.gif

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What'cha talkin' 'bout, Willis?

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I just came back from a wine tasting.  That may have some relevance to this post:





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After waiting all this time till tonight...I just got done reading that they, HGTV, gave the damn Stowe house away OVER A WEEK AGO !!!!  to a couple flatlanders in Illinois!  Now WTF do they know and moreover APPRECIATE about a beautiful house in ski country in NewEngland?   ...roflmao.gif  (Felt like grabbing the Pinot Grigio and getting wasted this afternoon...)  Last year they gave the house in CA's Napa? Valley to a middle-aged landlord from Florida who flipped houses for a living....   Tellin' ya', that network(HGTV) is nothing but a bunch of cheap (for lack of a better term) harlots...;-);-).


BUT oh my...I'm skiing tomorrow!


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