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Ciao Bode?

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Bode is barely a blip on the radar these days....meanwhile older guys such as Cuche continue to kick ass, and disciples like Ligety do as well.  Yet I see Bode is now sponsored by Prada....that's big bucks.   You think its over for Bode...or will he just be an also-ran as long as these sponsors keep shelling out the $$$$.  


Traditionally I would say Bode wouldn't sell out that way (nothing wrong with it, I would milk it for all its worth) but he usually is a type of guy who skis passionately often cutting off his nose to spite his face....now that he is older, has a daughter and a baby-momma to take care of, maybe he will ski for the "man" as long as the green keeps his skis afloat. Thoughts?

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He has three podiums and a bunch of top 10 finishes this year.  That doesn't exactly suck.  He is still the best we have a DH and SG.    BTW,  Cuche is reportedly very upset with  FIS race officials over the recent safety complaint fiasco.  He may end up retiring first.

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Hmmmm.....  "barely a blip on the radar...."


Bode Miller/USA




SL- No Ranking

GS- 24th

SG- 14th

KB- 22nd

CE- 3rd


I'll stipulate that maybe these standings aren't his best, but they sure aren't dismal! For the majority of skiers who ever put on a race bib, this would have been a career season! Are we so jaded that once a skier has put up some stellar results, that anything less is failure? No matter what results he might have garnered had he participated in the WC Finals this week, he would not have changed his rankings much. Some might call him a quitter for not being there, but he is still nursing several niggling injuries. Why not get a jump start on rehabbing those, instead of risking further injury?


It makes no difference to anyone on EpicSki if Bode races again next season or not. I, for one, certainly enjoy watching him ski, knowing that any start he makes has the potential to be a winning run. But I also will allow him to make his own decisions about his future. I had the pleasure of spending time with him back in the K2 days, and thought he was one of the real deal, free spirit skiers I had ever met. He'll do what he thinks is right for him (and his family), despite whatever influence US Skiing may attempt to apply. I think they have already figured out that he will do things his way, regardless.


He will always have his achievements, whether people feel he reached his greatest potential or not. Maybe he still has the desire and the fire to ski another season or more, maybe he doesn't. Every athlete has to make that decision for themselves. I guess we'll find out if he has Favre syndrome or not next October!

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Bode an 'also ran"?  He was second at Kitzbuehel for gods sake!  2nd at the most prestigious ski race on the planet.  How soon we forget his 3 Olympic medals from just last year. 


Maybe Bode is finding a balance in his life & realizing there is more to it than just ski racing.



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