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Buying my first pair of skis ever.

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Hello everyone! I came across this forum while searching google for skis and ski reviews.


I am looking for recommendations of skis and ski length for a first-time ski owner. I have been skiing 4 times using rentals and I think that I have picked it up relatively well and can see myself improving a great deal over time. I am comfortable on blues and have gone down a few diamonds.


I'm looking for a ski that I can "grow into." I am a 130 pound male, 5'6" (although I believe I read that height does not matter, only weight). I was recommended a few skis in a local shop which are on discount now - a Nordica what appeared to be a racing ski from pictures I have seen (I don't remember the name, but it was the lowest price at $399, a nordica hotrod igniter 170cm at $450 I believe, and another nordica hotrod-like ski except with a titanium body (I forget the name) for around $550 I think.


Does anyone have any recommendations of modestly priced skis? And recommended size?





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Get good fitting boots. Read wiki on boots. Worry about skis after you have your boots.

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I don't know where you're at (or where you like to ski), but if at all possible I would demo a few skis that are recommended to you by a shop. Most big-mountains will have demos available, where you can demo as many different skis as you want for one fee. It might prevent you from spending a bunch of money on skis & bindings and then finding out that you don't like them so much. Just my 2-cents, good luck - and have fun! And aschick is right, don't cheap out on your boots, they're your most important piece of equipment.

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Boots first, then skis.  The hotrod ignitor is a solid ski though, especially at that price.  I wouldn't get the one with metal though, especially at your ski level and weight.

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Originally Posted by aschick View Post

Get good fitting boots. Read wiki on boots. Worry about skis after you have your boots.

+1  If you don't have boots that are properly fitted to your feet you will have difficulty controlling any skis, no matter how good it is.  Go the the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about terminology and fitting and check the list of fitters to see who may be close to you.  If none of the fitters is close to you, ask and I'm pretty sure someone will be able to recommend a fitter.  DO NOT buy boots online.  Skis are more glamorous than boots, but boots are much more important than skis. 


After you get boots, demo some skis, but I would recommend you look at shorter skis.  I'm 5'8" and ski on 161s all over the mountain, but my skis are all cambered, so far.  If you're looking at a cambered ski, 170 is too long.  If you're looking at an early rise or rockered ski, 170 might actually be a bit short depending on the ski.  It is also important to know where you ski because a good all-mountain ski for the Rockies might not be so good in New England.


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I'm in New England. I forgot to mention in my first post that I did know the importance of boots fitting well. I guess I assumed that the fitting of boots was, while the most important piece, rather simple in nature - if it feels good and fits good then it is good.

I appreciate all of the responses! Also, My mistake about the length of the ignitor, it was actually 160, not 170. I think it came up to about my nose.



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Ok you got the boots part...good.  If you are one of those lucky bastards that has the golden foot that all ski boots are made to fit.  We salute you...and secretly behind your back call you names as we, in the deepest parts of soul despise you for having the one thing we covet most!


After boots...spend money on good clothes, including gloves/mitts and googles.  Dont need to be an expert to appreciate warm, dry and comfortable.

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Haha! We shall see! Either way I'll be sure to respond after I have fitted into some boots, to let you know so that either way you can have some fun calling me names or be thankful yet another person doesn't have this "golden foot syndrome" :P.


Also the above-mentioned skis in the shop all come with bindings and poles for the prices I have listed. I feel like this is a good deal, and I am planning on shopping there. Thanks everyone for your responses, as I am now a little more confident going into my first purchase.



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