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SMJ welcome to defending your (better) ski choice against the world of people who simply hasnt tried anything like you have yet.






I was thinking the same thing.  People who are arguing otherwise have obviously never tried the new shapes, layups and technology.  It's pretty funny to watch having actual insight as to how they perform- and the technique dbaggery really never does go away regardless of the season I guess.  Oh well, I guess being "right" in one's own mind is more important than understanding how and why the new stuff does it's thing.        


In slush, ideally I'd want something around 95-110ish in the waist, traditional sidecut, cambered and tip rockered, stiffer poppy flex with a good base structure, the softest wax I can find and a fresh puck of Zardoz/microfiber cloth.  With these tools, a decent skier is sure to make the corn and gnarshed potats their bitch all the live-long day, but the stuff in the red is most important.  Use those tricks and even the worst skis will behave far more manageably and predictably in wet, "grabby" and slushy snow.     

In other words, something like the Praxis carbon BC or carbon BRO, also a Vicik, Bellafonte or a 112RP would make a fine choice IMO.  My favorite ski for the BUMPS in the spring is the Moment Tahoe tho.  I love my 180s in the slush because they're super agile, have more pop than korbel and are very quick edge to edge, yet still have the surface area to give me that squishy floaty feeling I like when skiing peelaway corn or mashed potatoes.


It's not to say you can't ski it on SL planks, but the OP asked what we individually thought- and the above is my best interpretation of how I most enjoy the soft spring stuff.  Hope that helps, Richie. 




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There are other benefits to skiing slush.

Argue over what skis you have to have to ski it.

Whatever you've got, get out and ski it.


A-Basin last May:


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Spring skiing....



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I took the S3's out yesterday at a demo day here in NH on a whim, basically expecting not to like them much, being a Nordica (beefy and damp) guy. Although it wasn't slush we did have 3" of fresh over the grromers and the S3's were a delight. I have no doubt they would do well in the slush. Seriously considering them as the wide half of a 2 ski quiver with something along the lines of a Top Fuel for the hard snow days.

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