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Ex Racer needs a recommended Ski and boot!

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I've been Skiing on a 2004 pair of Salomon CrossMax Pilot 10 for all these years. I am looking for something along that kind of ski but I assume they don't make the Crossmax anymore? I've tried the Street racer loved those too! I am 5'9" and ski on a 180... Weight is 195. I feel as though the pair I have are too long. Any suggestions?


I am a ex racer, taught and coached for many years but now I am just a general public skier. I would like something with all mountain, but I love to carve and go fast. Can someone please recommend a ski for me. And possible boot? I have the Lange L10 race boot. Which I am way over due!


Thanks so much,



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You really have to get out there and demo some new sticks. Technology has changed so much in the last few years.
I'm in the same boat as you...I just tried some Rossi Avenger 82 ti skis....wow! Rockered tips and tails they blast through crud but great cruiser as well.
Check it out here...click on the little video icon on the right.

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As for boots, you already know the answer - whatever fits the best. For me, the Nordica Doberman 130 with leather lace up liner has been brilliant. I recently spent 12 straight 8-10 hour day in them very comfortably. As for skis, my recent favorite is, regrettably, a bit off the grid. It is the Hart Phoenix. At 116/66/101, it has race course credentials. But it is all-rounder. Amazing hold, smooth and strong. An exceptional carver at 16m in 174cm. Utterly unflappable at speed. Unexpectedly nimble in the bumps. I used them at Vail for two weeks, even in pow up to 8" or so. Yes they do not float, but they just blast through. As an ex-racer you would feel very comfortable on these boards which are made in one of Europe's best factories. Not easy to find locally, but you can get them direct. I have them with the Vist TT plate system which allows lateral binding adjustment. Brilliant. I think there is a pair of the Hart's for sale in the gear swap section. I have 11 pairs of skis and the Harts are the ones I reach for. Enjoy the ride.
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+1 on what Ole Thunderball said.  They are crazy fun!  I love my Strolz boots too.

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Find yourself some stiff midfats...youll love them.   I dont have nearly as much experience with variety of skis as many here do, but from the little I know and have tried, if you could find a ski similar to the Monster iM88 by Head, last made in 09', you would fall in love.....I am sure many will agree.  Their current m.y. replacement are the Peak 88, which are slightly more forgiving, softer, some say more versatile.

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I haven't tried any of these, but from reading reviews and such:


-Strong skiers love the AC50... skiing magazine says: "milquetoasts beware, AC50 wants to run with the alpha dogs."  Considering the marketing-driven review summaries that magazine writes in the ski reviews, for something like that to be written it must be a great ski for strong skiers


-Unless you are looking to go into soft snow, you could just find a modern race or cheater ski.  I freeski on my Fischer RC pros, and find the performance exceptional.


-Many like the Fischer Progressor series (propably 9+ or 10+ for you) for hard-snow freeskiing.


-Alot of people think Kastle skis (I think MX78 and MX88) are some of the best skis available (FYI, I think the price is pretty steep)


-Whatever you do, get something ti-laminated that is stiff and torsionally rigid... with your "ex-racing" style of skiing, you'll need the resistance to twisting.



As for boots, just get some that fit like a glove and are a good flex for you.  Depending on your weight, you may want to scale back to something in the 120 range.  But also, keep in mind that many here freeski and even backcountry ski in RD plug boots.  For freeskiing, though, I might recommend an RS boot (98mm last), but maybe if your feet are narrow enough the RDs would work.



Also, if you browse the cover-page of "Ski Gear Discussion," you're bound to find some suggestions on skis for you.

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How about the Blizzard magnum 8.1 or the dynastar sultans?


As for boots, go to a good bootfitter, tell them you want a high performance boot. Then close your eyes, forget brand , model, color, etc... and get a pair that fits your foot properly. The "best" boot in the world is no good if it doesn't connect your foot to the ski or hurts too much to enjoy skiing.


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^^^^^ What he said, mostly. If you like a lighter, Salomon feel, IMO the Blizzard 8.1 or 8.7, depending on how much time you spend in softer snow, would be perfect. And better than the current Sollies, which are fine skis, but now very Atomic-like, not so light or reactive. The 8.1 or 8.7 will appreciate your skill set, hold up to your weight and speed, turn on a dime, grip like a pit bull. Next season's 8.7's have a bit of rocker, apparently have made a very good ski even better. Cannot speak to next season's 8.1's, but the current version is superb for all-mountain frontside bias. 


Boots are key, as you know. Yeah, just find a reliable fitter, put yourself in their hands. FWIW, the new Langes are IMO much improved over the classic super narrow vice models. More room in toebox and forefoot, just as snug in the heel and midfoot, just as quick laterally, easier to use all day. Very impressive. But other brands are also making great boots too, so ultimately it's about trying them on, keeping an open mind. 

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So I gotta ask...

if you are



Originally Posted by rpras79 View Post

 I am 5'9" and ski on a 180... Weight is 195. I feel as though the pair I have are too long.

I am a ex racer, taught and coached for many years

love to carve and go fast.

have the Lange L10 race boot.

how can you possibly say ANY 180 is too long?


i know... this is the interweb...


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Originally Posted by moreoutdoor View Post

So I gotta ask...


how can you possibly say ANY 180 is too long?


And I gotta reply, you plainly haven't skied any Stocklis, Atomics, Heads, Volkls, or Kastles recently...Or any slalom ski...Or in tight midwestern conditions; OP is from Chicago. 

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yup, I see, Chicagoland


yup slalom skis are 165 ish, yup

no mention of slalom though...


yup, skied a bunch of bds, but haven't skied the vast majority of the lineup of any of those (or other) manufacturers, recently


I do understand that SHORT skis are it these daze...


guess I'm just bein curmudgeonly cause the season is sliding to a close (although iff'n I want to ski spring slush, Mammoth will be open until July 4)


It's just that 180 is not this EXTREME barrier... and iff'n I was puttin time on the hill back in 'ICE' country, I'd want as much edge as I could handle, bein an egg-spurt an all...

I have tried a bunch of boards, some of substantial construction, and not found any I wouldn't call 'friend'.

still, iff'n I was 30 lbs heavier, I prolly wouldn't even consider anything shorter... without regard for slalom and all.


"all-mtn' was mentioned... not all-hill

and, yes I know the Midwest produces some great skiers...


I know, to each, their own... and size doesn't matter... or does it?


I guess I'm just bein a weenie - Short skis are just so scary!



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All those cool kids up there have got the right idea.  Something like an Blizzi 8.1(/8.7 if you're going to spend more time on soft snow) or Kastle MX88 (if you don't mind dropping a grand+ but they're totally worth it)

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hey, sorry

I wuz just bein a jerk...

of course get what suits you

but trading off a suitable, solid platform for the false god of  'easy turning' may be a shortterm solution at the expense of longerterm allround satisfaction - size does matter.


might I offer another view - if you haven;t tuned those Crossmaxes in a while, a good tune could turn those sticks from being a ox-cart back into a sportscar...

and they might then give you a different perspective on what the next pr should be (or reinforce your current thoughts)


or whatever

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Larry's bootfitting in Boulder did an excellent job finding me a boot that fits great that was in my price range, could have found it cheaper somewhere else but a good bootfitter is worth the extra cash. If you really want to spend the cash it sounds like the dodge boot is the best you can buy, but i wouldn't know since ive never tried them and probably wont be able to afford them till after college.

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