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First, has anyone used (or at least tried) conformable Flashfit footbeds?  If so, how were they?  (the term "flashfit" only registers two threads, and in both of them there was little to any feedback on these).  Also, if I couldn't get to a "Flash station," where customization takes place, will the heat of my foot over time mold the footbeds?


My boot shell is extremely tight/hugs the hell out of my foot, and the liner is hellishly-tight.  So I don't have much room left for a footbed, but still need something down there (I'm afraid the stock footbed is too cheap).  The Flashfits look really slim.



Also just wondering about the issue of "posted footbeds."  I'm assuming this means there is rigid plastic under the heel (as I've seen in Superfeet).  Is it possible to get a low-volume posted footbed, or is that impossible because the plastic takes up too much volume?