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Aspen March 20-26th

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Heading to Aspen tomorrow.  Anyone have any updates on conditions for the four mountains?












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The skiings been great. They have a good base, but it's been warm and now there is a little snow in the forecast.  Depending on how much snow comes in and how it bonds with the base, I'd probably stay away from the bumps at first.


You'll probably like Snowmass the best, but check the report in the morning.  If it's still windy or forecast over 25mph, I'd hit Aspen Mountain.

Starting at 7am channel 16 or 17 have live reports from up on Aspen Mountain, that will give you a good idea what happening with the weather.

Have a great time! 

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How has Highland Bowl been?

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Parts of the bowl are always good and generally it has the best conditions in the valley.  The north facing, Northwoods and G Zones are the farthest hike, but the most consistent conditions.

The shortest hikes,  south facing Y's have been getting baked and would be coral reef today.  But once the sun comes out, they should soften right back up.


If you go into the patrol shack at the top of Loge. They will give you the updated conditions.  You might also call the concierge and set up a free tour with an ambassador.

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Will an ambassador take you up to the bowl? 

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Yes, they will.  You can also sign up for free First Tracks on Aspen everyday and Snowmass, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Call 970-925-1220 and ask for the Concierge, they'll give you the details.

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