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Ski weight

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My active quiver consists of 5 pairs of HEAD skis ranging from 177-185cm.  Out of all these skis my all out race skis (05' RD GS, 06' RD SL) are the heaviest....like really massively heavy.   Now I know the metal bindings are contributing as is the aluminum race plate, but are all these race skis heavy or are HEADs extra heavy?  I remember skiing some Atomic SL skis several years ago and they seemed like feathers.   My iM88 also feels light even though they are nearly as long as the GS skis and are much wider.  I have not put any on a scale but the weight is easily felt just by picking them up. 

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I ski Goodes normally. I love the light weight.
On hard snow I use heavy Volkl race tiger sl skis. I'm not sure how much of a performance penalty the weight carries but my legs and especially my arthritic knees hurt a lot more at the end of the day. My wife's performance is very sensitive to weight. She made me put light recreational bindings on her Race Tigers and she rocks the bumps on them now.
I think weight is critical for the older or less conditioned skier. Pros can ride anything and extra weight might add some stability at speed.
Interesting experiment, ride a fairly light ski. Then bolt some weights on the ski and try again. I imagine placement of the weights matters too.
I just replaced the heavy demo bindings on my son's Goodes with the light Markers. Hopefully I can get back to Squaw soon to try them - but too much powder in February left me a bit behind at work. Besides, waterski season has started in the desert.
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The heavier,the better... At least in conditions I like to ski in/hardpack, groomed, hard-icey/...

Heavier skis give me an Xtra sense of stability...


On the other note Rich:

I have Atomic race Sl skis and the weight exactly the same as my RC4 WC GS/with Tyrolia/Head/Fischer bindings... I really doubt it if the Head's are heavier..

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