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Steamboat March 18-21

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I was sitting at my desk yesterday and saw the weather alert for 8-18" by Friday,,,,,  I am in Steamboat now.  I think Ski-ra is coming up Friday but I am here Till Monday.  Should be good skiing...  Anyone around want to have a beer or makes some turns, let me know.



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I have been waiting for a famous Finndog trip report.  I thought you were going to be there all week.  

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If anyone is up for going from Summit, let me know- I can drive up Sat evening or Sunday morning and return Monday.


I expect to see some nice reports from Finn for the next few days- 3.5" on the ground now with 4-8 expected today and another 4-8" tonight

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Finn, I'm around all week and weekend. If this keeps up I'm using my last first tracks voucher tomorrow morning (meetings all afternoon today and tomorrow).  Was nice first thing this morning... crust is definitely still underneath but enjoyed first tracks on some of the stuff that was groomed last night before the storm hit before retreating to the sidecountry. 

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yeah, tomorrow AM is the day for 1st tracks for sure, what was up with today? The mtn was empty, lapped from storm peak down fresh lines all morning. worked over on the ridge into Pony,tree shots from off the side of Vagabond were knee deep (I am guessing no ones really been in there lately)  great day. 5:17pm and I still cant see T-head lodge, predicting another 6-10 tonight.  This is my last trip up till June so I would love to buy you a beer or say hello  tomorrow. I will be going over to the fireworks at the base tonight. 

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