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From today's Miami Herald

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Texas bank robber demands loot, shows 2 IDs



A hapless bank robber who abided by a Dallas teller's request to provide two forms of identification before she could give him money is going to prison.

A judge sentenced 49-year-old Nathan Wayne Pugh of Sachse (SAK'-see) to more than eight years on Tuesday.

Pugh tried to hold up a Dallas Wells Fargo Bank in July. The teller stalled Pugh by telling him she needed to see two forms of ID. Pugh showed her his Wells Fargo debit card and a state ID card. He was captured as he tried to flee with $800.

Pugh pleaded guilty in October to a bank robbery charge. He was already on parole for two aggravated robberies.

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Cowboy fan.

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Texans fan.



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