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Warm Day skiing

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So I'm going to snowy range with some friends this weekend and the weather is suppose to be anywhere from 45-55 degrees. I have skied anywhere from -50 to 35 but nothing where the snow will be extremely slushy. What is there to do on these warm days with rossignol s3's. There is a little park that i might try but other than that i am not really sure what to do.. any help would be great. And how well will my skis work with the warm temps?

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Slush bumps! One of the best things about spring skiing. Your skis will do just fine, enjoy.
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Go to a grocery store and grab a box of this out of the canning section...




Should run you $3 or so. Get some on your skis and you'll be set!

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IMO, you would be better served by opening up your base structure more. In other words a coarse structure.


 fine structure + plenty of wax + snow with high water content === suction!


BTW, in my expierence regular parafin works well on warm snow days but it just doesn't last very long. It is cheap though so you can wax frequently.

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