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Are my skis too big?

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I am an advanced skier who is fairly skinny. I am 5'11 and only 130 pounds with 179cm prophet 100's. I can handle them fine but was wondering if you guys think those skis are too big for me. 

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They aren't quite as tall as you and you're using them for powder, I'd say if you feel comfortable on them you're fine.  If you can grab a shorter pair next demo day (you missed last weeks now), see what you think of a shorter ski.  I ski a rather long ski for my weight and height (longer them my height) and occasionally feel issues with controlling the pressure coming up from the tips on heavy powder days.  These days I wish I weighed a tiny bit more or had a tiny bit shorter tip.  So play with it and see what you like.  If they don't over power you, and you enjoy them, you are fine.

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I'm 5' 7" and ski a 176, you should be fine.

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I don't think those are too long for you.  Right now I ski skis as tall as me, and for my purposes I wish they were 10-15 cm longer.


I know very little about powder skiing, but I'm pretty sure all the powder gurus recommend longer skis for floating over powder with stability (width aside).

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I'm 5'6'' 115 lbs and ski 172s. As long as you can handle them, i see no problem. Longer skis give more stability when going fast (but are less playful). Also it lets you float better in powder. 


Besides, short skis suck: :P

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I'm 5'7 and have carving skis up just past my eyes at 160. I bought a second pair of twin tips at 175 and love them. Stable at speed and fast. They skied like my ancient 205's from my gate chasing days. Now I want to replace my carving skis that are now slow and short. IMHO I think the longer ski mistake is better.
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As long as you are skiing the skis and they aren't skiing you you're fine. My wife is 5'5" and 105 lbs and skis 179 P100s. If you ski Castle Mountain you know it's 'Go BIG or go home!!"

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