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Course report...

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...actually, a ski report.  For Masters DH, I've been skiing on an Atomic 210 SG, circa 2008, non-double deck.  I'm fully wired into D2 for tech what can it do for my speed events?  I found out today.  I had the Atomic rep special order me a pair of 2011 210 D2 SGs, there were none in North America, and mine were one of 8 pairs Atomic sent from Europe.  Amazing ski. Probably the best speed event ski I've ever skied on. Scary fast, and because of the D2, turns like a tech ski.  Well, that's my new ride for this weekend's Masters National DH Championships in Colorado.  Watch this space for a true course report...



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Ski safe, but ski fast and give us a full report after you run the downhill.

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Good luck SR
Not going to make it for national s unfortunately
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I'm back, and, with one exception, it was a great race series.  A bunch of my homies from Team Eldo showed up, we all skied fast and had fun, and the Rocky skiers took home a ton of the hardware.  Saturday nite, Team Eldo had a great prime rib dinner at Quincy's in Leadville, and we also discovered a great woodchuck bar, Pastime Club, which has been around since 1874 and is populated by locals who drive heavy equipment at the mine and generally show up wearing their reflective safety vests. 


So a great time was had by all, until the National Championships race Sunday morning when my teammate crashed and badly injured his right leg and shoulder.  Mike is in the Vail Medical Center waiting on two more operations, so we're going to stop by and see him when we go to Copper for the tech Nationals this weekend...



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So sorry about Rocky SR.  Glad you had a good time and a good race.



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