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Review: 2010/11 K2 Lotta Luv

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My wife is a pretty good skier.

She's excellent on groomed runs - making round arc to arc turns with clean tracks and fluid transitions.

She's competent in moguls, a bit tentative in crud and steeps, and falls apart in untracked powder.

All that describes her skiing LAST SEASON.


With that background and after reading about K2's early rise tip technology, we decided to update her 2008/9 K2 Lotta Luvs to the 2010/211 model. Yeah, I know - you can't buy a turn and all that. But what you can do is buy a tool that helps you get to the next level - that was our theory anyway. So we purchased the 2010/211 model hoping that the slightly wider and longer geometry combined with an early-rise tip would improve her ungroomed snow and powder skiing.


Product: K2 Lotta Luv


Length/size Tested: 163 cm; 125 x 82 x 110; 14 meter turn radius


Environment of Conditions:

*Location of review: Sugar Bowl and Alpine Meadows

*Runs Taken: 10 days throughout the season

*Snow Conditions: mixed - cut up powder, crud, bumps, groomed, a bit of untracked

*Demo or Purchase: demo 1st day, then purchased


Summary (inc. Strengths & Weaknesses):



On soft groomers and cut up snow these skis carve nicely - my wife still makes great turns and is skiing faster and with more confidence. The early-rise tip engages when tipped, letting the ski use it's full length to provide stability. It also provides great shock absorption in soft crud - pretty much allowing you to ski like the crud's not there.


In bumps these skis work well. But my wife already skied bumps competently, so we didn't see much difference there. Perhaps a bit more confidence and flow, if anything.


But in untracked powder, that's where we saw the big difference. Previously, though my wife knew what she was supposed to do in powder, it just never worked out. With her new Lotta Luvs, though, it suddenly clicked. Perhaps it was the early rise tip. Perhaps it was the extra width and length. Most likely it was a combination of things. Whatever is was, something clicked and she is now making linked turns in untracked powder. And we both have ear-to-ear grins. Thank you K2.



Okay, the graphics take a little getting used to, but they do grow on you.

Inexplicably, K2 is evolving the ladies T-Nine Luv series next year into something they call SuperModels.

Please, don't anyone tell my wife about this, we just bought new skis !


Tester Info:

Age: 62 female

Height/Weight: 5'6", 140 lb

Average days on snow: 0-10, 11-25, 30+  (pick one)

Years Skiing: 0-5, 6-15, 15-30, 30+  (pick one)


Aggressiveness: Conservative / Moderate / Aggressive / Competitor (pick one)



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Very nice review (and nice tracks).  

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Just my hacker_$.01 thoughts rick,

 ...If the skis work...fine, but she shouldn't fear going with something slightly longer either...but sounds good.

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nolo - thanks (and thanks).


HaveSkisWillClimb - gotta admit that we didn't consider the 170, as it took a bit of convincing to move her from her previous 154cm Lottas to the 163's.

She demoed the 163's and was a bit concerned that they were to long, but in the end took my advice and moved up.

She thanks me now, though, as she is happy with the length.

That said, your point is well taken and it will be interesting to see where she ends up when the time comes to replace these Lottas.

Still thinking about "defined: undefined ....". Perhaps I'll Google it.   wink.gif


Cheers,       rickp


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Think you're right rickp..if she enjoys the 163s and isn't having any issues = don't (try to) fix what ain't broken...  Ladyfriend was in same spot...was getting hung up a bit with our crud(of late...ARRRGH)...thought I'd mention.


Thanks nolo...anyone, let me know if anything pops up now....I'll return to the weeds..

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HaveSkis - if Ladyfriend is still having crud issues have her try something with an early rise tip.

My wife's Lotta Luv's and my AfterShock's both have early rise tips and they are crud-ripping machines.      


Enjoy,   rickp

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Same product, identical length.  I'm definitely a conservative skier, #126 and 5'6, only skiing a few years.  Average about 10-15 days a year. 


These skis are real confidence-builders.  I took them to Jackson Hole and had no issue with 6-7" of new powder.  They love crud, and hold a nice edge on the groomers.  I'm not a bump skier so can't comment on that.


My other skis are the Rossi Voodoo and Volkl Luna (I call 'em my Lunatics) and since I got the Ks, that's all I've skied.  I demo'd the Black Pearl the other day and while it's a nice ski, I feel more relaxed (and with me, that's huge!) and more confident on the Lottas. 


I can totally connect with Rick p's wife's "ear-to-ear grin" . . .  and I LIKE the graphics!

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