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Cracked bootboard...

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The right bootboard in my HEAD Raptors is cracked completely along where the ball of the foot would be.  I can't fathom how this happened (I have some speculations, but they are only that and all the crap is water over the damn now).


Does this affect skiing performance?  If so, how much and in what ways?



If this happened to you right now, would you attempt to glue it? (if so, what glue)?  What else might you do.



Any help would be much appreciated.  (I also asked this in the boot guys forum buy I think they might be sick of answering my recent questions, and might be taking a break)

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Mine snapped. I duct-taped them and couldn't feel a difference.

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Thanks epic.

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Mine too, I got new ones (might be able to warranty) but yeah duct tape

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That board does feel pretty should be able to get a replacement from Head's warranty dept.

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