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Big Sky - 3/19 thru 3/26 - Recommendations/Conditions/Testimonies???

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The girlfriend and I are heading to Big Sky for a week for the first time on 3/19 and the itch is growing stronger and stronger as the work days are taking longer and longer to pass!!!  I got some good info on terrain, etc by using the search function...thanks to all that contributed.  However, wanted to ask the collective if anyone had any updates on current conditions and recommendations on the best way to work the terrain from morning to afternoon?  It appears March has been a pretty good month snow wise and I'm hoping things will be skiing well and Ullr will be kind.


me-lower level advanced skier that will be skiing solo most of the time, like a little of everything with the exception of 50 degree chutes with mandatory air


girlfriend-beginner, this will be her 3rd trip out west but she is still very timid...she will be taking group lessons (wish we could spring for a private for her...seems like lots of people recommend Ursula from the forum) and I am really hoping this is the year things click for her so she can experience the joy I have relentlessly promised her comes once "it" clicks.  It will only be her 3rd time on ski's...5 days in Summit County, CO area and 5 days at Snowbasin, UT on the last trip.  Really hoping the lack of crowds (from what i've heard) at Big Sky will help her find her comfort zone.  Both of her previous trips were pretty congested on the hill and that was a bit intimidating for her...of course I did what any jonesing skiier would do and made sure she was competent enough on the bunny hill, got her signed up for lessons and headed for the John Paul Express (in the Snowbasin case). 


Any info/recommendations on Big Sky would be much appreciated...staying at the Summit and have 6 ski days...no rental car.





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Ski conditions should be good to great.  It snowed a bunch last week, is dumping today and more snow is scheduled for this weekend.  Next week is forecast to be slightly less than normal temperatures & wetter than normal.  Since this is the snowiest time of year that bodes well.


My usual strategy on powder days is to start by skiing the glade runs on Andesite as well as Elk Park Meadow.  After a few runs if its a weekday I head straight to the tram and ski the south side of Lone Peak occasionally skiing down to Shedhorn & Dakota chair which are usually ghost townish during the week.  (It can feel like your in a 'Twilight Zone' episode where everyone in the world disappeared when skiing those chairs.)



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Thanks for the info Rio, much appreciated.  Looks like things are shaping up well and looking forward to arriving on Saturday...dug out my trusty Aspen Extreme dvd (gotta love it) and got some ski porn qued up for a long travel day.

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I should note that my strategy is often not followed.  I often start on Andesite, find good powder & no crowds and end up skiing there most of the day or I'll decide to take a run up Challenger before hitting the tram and find Big Rock Tongue untracked & empty.  Big Sky is huge with over 4000 feet of vertical, two main mountains and 4 different wind/sun exposures.  That leads to a great variety of conditions on the same day.  You'll find you pretty much end up playing it by ear every day.

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Got it, can't wait to explore the place...hope to hit as much terrain as my skill levell allows over the week.  Thanks again for the info...any advice on eats and brews around the Summit?  I know things are limited and we are coming for the skiing, not the nightlife but everyone likes a good spot for some good grub, brews, and some March Madness viewing after a long ski day.

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There are a few threads on where to eat at Big Sky.  I generally don't hang around for dinner so I'll only make one recommendation for that meal.  My two favorite places to eat lunch are 'The Cabin' which is on the top floor of the Arrowhead Building (right next to the Summit).  It has an entrance you can ski to via Silver Knife.  My other favorite lunch is at the deli in the Moonlight Basin Lodge which has great Reubens.  Its a trek to get over there but worth the effort.  The favorite dinner place for visitors is Buck T 4 which is located 10 miles away in a Best Western (don't let the location fool you.)  You can get a shuttle from the hotel to take you there.  It has the best slabs of meat (local grass fed beef, venison, elk & other game) at Big Sky.

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Thanks, we'll definitely check out The Cabin.  I saw some reviews on Bucks T4 and we will definetly be hitting it up for some good local game. 

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