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Best Ski Line?

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What is the best line of skis?
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OK, I've resonded to these before, but I will not any further. If the question is worded differently, I might.

If the question means to discern THE BEST line, as it appears to do, then it should list ALL lines.

If the questioner means to ask, "Of these lines, which do you feel is the best?" then the questioner should ASK THAT QUESTION.
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Oboe- relax man! its just a poll! I think its understood "out of the following lines, which is best". Sheesh, some people!
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Where is the salomon crossmax series listed ????
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It's not listed among the best, and to be honest, having skied them, I understand why!
(in my opinion)

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Again, the Odyssey e-max left out of the mix, relegated to the "other" heap pile.
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Sorry to Oboe.

I meant the best "out of" those listed. Although certainly not all-inclusive (and I forgot to list some that do belong), I thought it would be interesting to see the results of a sort of best of the "most popular." Again, I know I forgot to list some other ski lines that should be included. But that's what the "reply" thread is for.
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This looks like a good place for one of these:

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