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Mount Point - especially on new 'rocker' designs

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so, as usual I'm finding that mount points for many skis I'm trying are nowhere near those 'shown' on the skis...

I've compared mid-sole points to BOF (ball of foot) and


using my Railflex systems has allowed me to 'tune' the boot position.


just some examples... tried some demo AC50- liked them best at -1cm

my Rossi SickBirds - best at -2cm from 'randonnee' line.

have a pr of K2 Silencers for screwing around local - best position is -1.5 cm behind 'traditional' which is fully 3 cm behind 'park'... so way back ...

have many more examples of having to go back from midsole mark...


If you've played or moved your mount point, what have you found?

(specific info on skis, your weight and boot sole length always makes comments more interesting)...

below are some comment excerpts from a recent Elan Apex in review section...


Originally Posted by The Squeaky Wheel View Post

1 - I believe Dawg mounted them 2 cm behind the recommended line - hopefully he'll chime in. His rationale is that, compared to a mx88 and a Sultan, the recommended mount point is too far forward so he mounted them to match those skis. I went with the Elan (tyrolia) 14 din whatevers...


Originally Posted by dawgcatching View Post

Yes, that is correct, 2cm behind center. As usual, the Elan big-mountain skis have a mounting point that is quite far forward compared to any other ski we carry.  The Apex is probably 2.5cm ahead of center when compared to the Sultan 94, and 2.9cm ahead of where the MX88 from Kastle lines up.  I only mounted mine 1cm behind center originally, and it felt a bit far forward, but that is just what I am used to. A bunch of people run them on the line and love it.  

So, Dawg, how did you decide what was 'center', for your "2cm behind center" mount of the Apexes, which I guess have tip-rise (and maybe tail-rise ???) ?


how does anyone decide what is 'center' on the variations of 'rocker' that are now out there ???


some of the comments in the recent (very funny) Rossi S7 threads also point to the important aspect of mount location relative to performance.


what have you all found ???


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I mounted my JJ's BC on the recommended big mountain line. Just my hunch here but I think you have to be careful playing around with mounting points on significantly rockered skis due to the shorter running distance. But that's just my hunch.

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^^^^^^^ I agree with your "hunch".  When you have a shorter contact length, smaller mount position adjustments seem to have a larger effect.

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Originally Posted by Noodler View Post

BoF Mounting Point Method for the 21st Century.

thanks noodler,


didn;t see this when I did a quick search before...


will do a full read in the next day or so and see what you guyz have already covered and discussed...

on the binding front, I'm glad to have my railflex bindings, which make fine tuning the mount location a pretty easy thing...


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