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Atomic B Tech 120

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I have a wide forefoot and narrow heel AND a high instep.  The Atomic B Tech 120 sounds ideal for my forefoot and heel (I'm excited about the mere thought that a boot might have a shape similar to my foot!), but I am unsure about the instep.  Is there much room in the instep?  Does this model have a bootboard that will allow a bootfitter to make adjustments in instep height?  Also, will this model be offered in 2012?



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B-Tech 120 is back for 2011-2012. Has a high instep and may be your match. Only problem is that many accounts are phasing it out in favor of the LiveFit 120(see utube video). Very tenacious heel hold stemming from the Pro Series liner.


Call shops for that boot, Try it on and if it is not what u wanted, have the shop add a B-Tech 120 to their fall order.


Either way you have a good starting point for your foot type!





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Thanks JA.  Is the 2011-2012 model the same as 2010-2011?   

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Affirmative. Go get one now!!

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