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parking in Vail

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can anyone reccommend a (free) parking spot in Vail?

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Donovan Park, on the Sth Frontage Rd, just below Cascade Village. then take the West Vail RED bus (free, about every half hr, on the half hr) to LH. Just follow everyone else to find the bus stop. But some days it is closed for event parking only.


The Nth Frontage Rd west of the SHELL gas station in West Vail,


or the Nth Frontage Rd in front of the Safeway in West Vail.


If you get here very early, then the small park just West of the pedestrian over bridge on the Nth Frontage Rd has room for about 15 vehicles, but fills quickly/ early.


We have had very few days this winter where the parking structures filled by mid-morning, allowing parking along the Sth Frontage Rd, so I wouldn't count on that.


Otherwise, try searching vail parking here on EpicSki... there are no shortage of threads on the topic...



Good Luck!

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I am thinking car pooling where/when possible. We are staying by the lake and will have room most likely for a 2-3

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

I am thinking car pooling where/when possible. We are staying by the lake and will have room most likely for a 2-3

Which condos Finn ?


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Calling Greg!  Not sure, they are right on the lake. 

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Just a comment regarding VSP's parking advice and free parking possibilities, Don't try and invent your own! They are real real thorough finding cars that dare park where they are not supposed to be. You will get a ticket. When the Town Garage at the Transportation Center and Lionshead charges $25 a day, I'm sure the tickets aren't cheap either.(Don't know how much)


I parked back in Dec in the little lot west of the Pedestrian Bridge and cars that arrived later parked along the back of the lot and not in spaces. All these cars were ticketed.  I think the new Solaris is charging next to the Transportation Center garage a rate a few dollars less (not much less).Maybe in the spring it will be more of a savings.


I was out the end of Feb. and was staying at the Mountain Haus right across the street from the garage. Never moved the car the whole time I was there. Paid $125 to get the car out of the garage 5 days later. Fortunately I was entertaining a customer and I could expense the parking.


Love Vail, hate the expensive parking. The free town buses are excellent just very crowded at peak times.

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Thx Snopro - great info!  I'll check it out and see you on the hill!

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what time did you have to arrive near the ped. bridge to nab a spot?

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I'd say a good hour before the lifts open at 8:30. I think there is only 11 spaces in this lot and 1 Handicapped.

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gotcha!!   Guess that means a warm glass of milk and a good book for me the night prior:)  Thx!

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