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K2 Wired from Sports Authority

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I bought Atomic GS9 skis and loved them for a season, until they exhuasted me and I went back to my K2 Escapes - a fun beginner ski.
I got Dynastar Course twin tips; enjoyed them for a while but they were too damn heavy for my style of skiing; went back to the Escapes - those skis were FUN.

Finally, I picked up a pair of K2 Wired, at a deep discount ($217 for skis / bindings including tax) and I haven't had this much fun in YEARS!

Took them out in flat light on a refrozen day at Hunter - temp 18 above; huge patches of glare ice. They were great.

I skied them with the factory edge; waxed them myself in the morning, and loved every minute I spent on them.

They turn on a dime; they are very precise releasing the edge and side slipping rather than carving on ice, when I chose to do that.
They're light - lifting a ski out of a rut or after catching an edge was effortless.
And most amazingly - they didn't chatter on the typical Hunter Mtn bulletproof washboard.

I wonder how great these skis will be after full tune up - I may not even bother - they feel so close to perfect now.

After 25 runs in bad conditions at Hunter I can honesly say these skis are worth 3 times what I paid for them. At the current sale price I'd highly recommend them for anyone seeking early / late season rock skis, or just seeking the fun of an easy turning and light ski to play on.
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I agree they are amazing skies.  I am an advance-expert skier and I find them extremely fun and enjoyable.  The K2 Wired are my first K2 skies and they are exactly what I was looking for.  They are cheap but good; I'm not sure about how long they will last though.

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I took the skies out again over the past weekend and it was sloshy in the afternoon and then it got icy at night.  The skies handled perfectly in both conditions and did their job well.  I do not wax them and they still do fine.

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Sorry for this third post but once again I went out west to Bridger Bowl Montana.  9 inches of powder fell and these skies worked perfectly fine in powder even though they are not powder.  It is excellent technology.


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Skis.  No E.

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