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Atomic Race bindings

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Trying to find bindings for a pair of 2006-7 Atomic sl12 that have a race plate on them. I know the 1018 will fit becase I have that set up on GS 12 skis. For these  I just want a din lower than 10.

I really need to know what other bindings wil fit that plate so if you know please please tell me !


Cheers Chris

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Atomic Race 3.10, 4.12 & 6.14.


Any Xentrix or CR or Race


all these the above bindings from any year will fit. All the same screw pattern.


let me see if i have a pair I cna sell. I'll get back to you. Too bad I just sold a pair of Yellow Race 6.14. But may have another pair..

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By all means pls. let me know.

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