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How much snow so far?

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Answer: a whole heck of a lot. Our base is up to 267", and very likely to pass 300" by the end of the week.It has been snowing without a break since President's Day; usually 10" to 20" each day.


Saturday was so freaking deep I was having to pole down 20 degree slopes with my S7s. Thigh deep inbounds and belly deep out of bounds.


La Nina, you my gal.

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Getting to 300 is harder than it may seem.  The weight of the snowpack begins to compress things pretty quickly and when it approaches 300" the snow base figures begin to slow down in their accumulation.  They even go backwards sometimes on days that there is new snow.  In 2008 it went over 300" for just a little bit before falling back and that was an epic year.  It may happen, but I'll bet not this week.  


A problem with so much snow is that some of the great terrain gets smoothed out too much.  In 2008 the Chute was like a blue run, except that it wasn't groomed.  It's a good problem to have though.

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The chute's already there. The lower cliffs are completely gone.


While some stuff gets "too easy", other things open up. Library has lines skiable now that only are in good years; same with the knob, willows/fly, the lower cliffs on hairy scary...yup, not a bad problem to have.


The models have us picking up 48" to 60" more in the next 3 days, and no end in sight for this series. That has made management nervous, hence yesterday's shut down. They made that decision while we were all "interlodged" when Galena closed the road for 2 hours on Saturday. I don't know how recently you've been up, but the difference from last weekend to this weekend was awe inspiring. So freaking much snow.

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It still blows my mind that it's even possible to have a snow pack with the temps that you guys get at baker. I know if our hill saw those temps we would be riding out bikes all season.


I'd like to do a season there at least. It's a pretty unique and amazing place.

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We do ride our bikes all season...below 2500'. And while we do have periods when the freezing level gets up above 3500' (some years way too often), there are more than enough days where it stays low that the skiing is just fine. And we get by on volume - when a "bad year" is 450", you can pretty much be guaranteed some kind of skiing to be had. On a good year, it just keeps rolling in, a foot or two a day.


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Yep. Volume in a way that's hard for me to even comprehend.

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Word just in of a massive slide on the arm. No word on anyone caught or missing yet.

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