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I'm considering Scarpa Tornado boots but Ive heard they break their half sizes differently to other manufacturers, ie a 28.5 is the same shell as the 29. My feet are pretty well exactly 29cm so I guess that means a mondo 29 would be the starting point for selecting a boot size. But in Scarpa could I expect to fit into a 28.5 shell just as well as a 29 from another manufacturer?


I've tried on a friend's head edge 30.5 as a shell fit and there must have been at least 20-30mm space between my heel and the end of the shell so I know that a 30 in head is too big. My feet are fairly wide but not wide enough for edge's 104mm last whilst the scarpas at 100mm should be close to the mark. They come with the intuition thermo mould liners


The scarpas are a great price at STP at the moment but they only have size 28.5. I know its a risk and I'm planning to get custom work done at our skiing destination but I'd still be up over $500 vs buying similar boots here in Australia and the nearest fitters are several 100 klms away.


Leaving aside the obvious folly of my intentions does anyone have specific knowledge of Scarpa fitting? I'm mainly concerned they'll be too small though I gather this is much more fixable than too big.


Thanks for any help