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Hello everyone. First i'll shortly explain what kind of skier i am. I'm 23. Started to ski around 2 months ago. Averagely i try to hit the slopes 1-2 whole days in a week. My weight is 110kgs height 186 cms. Picked up carving pretty fast now green blue and red tracks arent a problem. I can handle mysefl at big speed pretty well (on prepared tracks). At first i did not wanted to buy set of brand new skis so i picked a used pair of twin tips 167cm lengt. At the time didn't knew what purpose they served best. But now i learned a few things and i'm stepping into light powder and some small jumps (for begining), area and i've noticed that my skis don't handle that well in non prepared tracks (where i find most of my small jumps and light powder). So i decided to buy new skis. Done some research and my eye got cought up with Rossignol Alias 166cm long and Rossignol Zenith Z76 C 166 cm long. I love skiing and I am prepared to advance and chalange my self constantly. So what do you think about my choise?