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Hi, I am an intermediate 6/7 skier with previously rented gear and am in the market for new gear. I have been offered a very reasonable pair of Nordica Hot Shot Tempest ski's with Demo bindings although the ski was never demo'd. I am 5'4" 155lbs and ski blues comfortably and blacks cautiously. I am pretty much restricted to groomed trails and ski almost only NE with 50% pocono's and 50% Vermont. I am worried that with an 80mm underfoot that the Tempests are too wide for a groomed carving ski. I have made really nice progress over the last two seasons on my rentals and do not want to land up in a ski that is too much ski for me especially since I like long relaxed carving groomers. I know that there are probably a bunch of great options and I am certainly open to hearing them but I also wanted to know specifically if the Tempest would be a good/great/reasonable or just OK choice for me as the price is amazing. Thanks. Craig.