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Salt Lake City -Area Rental?

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Anyone have any suggestions on where to rent equipment for multiple days in/near Salt Lake?

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Dude how many threads are you going to start?


Do you want rentals or demos that you can trade out based on conditions? If its low brow rentals, then JFGI, call around and find the best price.


If its the latter suggest you just demo on the hill where you can see what the conditions of the day are like and get the most appropriate ski.

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google ski rental salt lake, it depends on if you are skiing park city, cottonwood canyons or staying downtown

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we rented from aloha.


to rent the good stuff, with a discount from reserving rentals, and with a $2 insurance plan each day, it was about $38 a day for 3 days.   i had my own boots though.





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Try Utah Ski and Golf -- -- I just rented five days at $30/day.  I tried out the Blizzard 8.1, Dynastar 85, Nordica Burner, and Volkl Bridge.  It's an interesting scene: basically, they just have huge pile of skis and you pick through it to find the one you want.  Not particularly "professional", but if you're willing to look past this, the price was good and skis were in OK condition and they were really good about switching out.


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