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monster im 78 experts only?

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I'm anything but an expert but couldn't resist a deal on a pair of new Monster im78s 177 long. Local seller reckoned I'd be a good match but I'm beginning to have doubts based on reviews stating they are for experts /advanced only.  I went with the 177 over the 171 based on reported better stabilty.


I'm 6'1 188 lbs 56yo and to date have skied mainly on green /blue groomers in NZ which get pretty icy at times. Total skiing days over 2 trips are only 8  days but towards the end of our last trip I was starting to push quite hard pulling off some nice carve turns albeit with a fair amount of skidding due to ice and technique. I will have a couple of private lessons at the start of our next trip and will have new boots tweeked by a bootfitter.


To date my biggest challenge has been stability at speed but I put some of that down to the short rentals I was on at the time. Japan is on the agenda for next year and that was one of the pluses for the monster that it could handle some powder as well as hard conditions.


Other feedback indicated the monsters were pretty maneuverable due to the moderate sidecut and despite the metal layup not as stiff as other performance skis.


I'm mainly concerned that I'll be able to make  short radius turns at slower speeds when required on some of the narrow tracks that crisscross the resort. So for a lower/mid intermediate who hopes to get better is the monster a ski which will help me develop my skills or a shortcut to the emergency room?

Thanks for any help



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Funny , I have a post where I am going for a little bit more stability coming from Monster 78 in 177cm.

Im 38 5-10 185.

In my humble opinion this is a great choice , it is forgiving and I think you can grow with it.

My only reason for wanting to go up is a bit of stability loss flatting at 60+ mph.

It has a radius of about 15m at 177 and is a very fun ski in tight turns and does not require much muscle to get it going. 

Overall I have loved this ski and found it to be very versatle on groomers and in powder under 12".  

For your size and skill I think you will love this ski. 



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Thanks for that feedback Karl,


I've been following your thread with interest. I don't think stability issues at 60mph+ is going to be a concern for me for a while yet! Reassuring to hear turns at subsonic speeds are doable.


good luck in your quest


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I skied three days (not a lot, I realize) on a pair of 171's this season (I'm 6' 155).  I'm a more advanced skier than you based on your description, but found them to be one of the easiest "expert" level skis I've skied.  Plenty of performance is there for fast carving when you want it, but they are fun in mixed conditions and slower speeds as well.  The round tails are quite tolerant of skidding.  They are fine for SL turns, too.  I would think the 177's will be just right at your weight. 

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