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I need a recommendation on which downhill skis to buy. I used to ski on a pair of Dynastar Visas at 185cm. Now I want to get some used parabolics. I rented a pair but wasn't impressed (they were 165's). They seemed a lot narrower than what everyone else was using. I'm 5'9, 180# and 40. I'd classify myself as intermediate.


I was advised to get some that are 170-180cm, 16-19m radius & <80mm under foot. Does this sound right? Someone else told me to get 160's. I was advised to get some Rossignol S86/87, but all the pairs I have found are a lot more than my $150 budget.


Also, what specific brand/model of ski should I look for? After looking around on eBay, I found this site;


Looks like they have some decent deals on some used skis, but I don't want to spend $150 on something that's not right for me.


I will generally be skiing on groomed stuff, some powder and yes, I will take some lessons.


If you can recommend a specific ski in a specific length, I'd appreciate it.


Thanks in advance,