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I'll put up pictures soon, but since I'm currently in Mammoth, I wouldn't be able to ship until next week. If you are in Mammoth and are interested in the skis, I'll find a time to show them to you.


These are last years' model, I believe, as there is metal and no real early rise. 187cm. They have been used 2.5 days. 2 days by the previous owner and about 5 runs by me. The bases and eges are basically mint. The factory structure is still really visible. There's a little bit of chipping on the tips, but really nothing major. The one main piece of damage is on the topsheet near the tip. The previous owner somehow manager to slice some of the topsheet off (perhaps 3 inches long?) near the edge of the ski. I've been assured by Footloose in Mammoth that this is purely cosmetic and will not affect ski performance. The even jokingly suggested that some white-out would almost make the skis look new. Mounted once for small Dukes on the line.


These are the best skis I have ever tried for long radius carving through wind-buffed open bowls. If I wasn't going to be in Europe next year, these would absolutely be my everyday skis for Mammoth. Unbelievably stable and damp, but unlike other damp skis, they are plenty lively when you want. No tip flap at all at high speeds on groomers. I had no issue flexing them at 5'11" and 140lbs, but they definitely are on the stiffer side of skis. Not light skis, but certainly not heavy either. I'm selling them because I prefer my Lhasa Pows and the weight of the Lhasa makes them better for touring.


Price is set at $500 + ship (skis only), and I'm local in LA and Mammoth. I'll try to get pics soon but it's tough while I'm in Mammoth.